5 Best Chicago Ramen Shops Near The ‘L’

2015 welcomed the resurgence of ramen or a “ramen-ssance,” as I like to call it.  Not the pathetic, store-bought, paper cup ramen but rather, the traditional, serious ramen shops with great ingredients.  Chicago was no exception and I was super excited to crawl into all of the mammoth-sized bowls around town, in an effort to find the 5 Best Chicago Ramen Shops.  

The criteria:

  • Quality of the ramen noodles
  • Depth of flavor in the broth
  • Freshness of ingredients
  • The ramen stays hot and the noodles stay firm from the first slurp until the last gulp 

Here they are in no particular order:


**Click on the restaurant names for more information and directions.


Furious Spoon – Chef Shin Thompson is so passionate about his ramen that he shipped his mammoth-size noodle machine over from Osaka, Japan.  He is churning out hundreds of fantastic bowls of ramen a day with noodles that have excellent texture to stand up to the heat of his broth.  I love the signature Furious Spoon ramen with pork.




Best Chicago Ramen Shops Furious Spoon ramen

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9 Great Middle Eastern Restaurants in Chicago

I love the fresh, earthy, spicy flavors of Middle Eastern food from falafel to tabbouleh to kebabs.  Chicago has a rich landscape of such cuisine in each neighborhood.  Below is a list of 9 Great Middle Eastern Restaurants in Chicago.




What:  Middle Eastern stalwart in the Bridgeport neighborhood with some of the freshest pita you will find in Chicago.  Everything is special here.  I especially love the marinated shrimp salad but be sure to get their special spiced fries.


Where: 3129 S. Morgan St. – Take the #8 Halsted bus (transfer at the Halsted ‘L’ stop on the Orange Line)




Middle Eastern restaurants in Chicago Shrimp skewers at Zaytune

Shrimp skewer salad



Zaytune shrimp wrap Middle Eastern restaurants in Chicago






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Eating Chicago in 2 Days – Vol. 2

Are you heading to Chicago for just a couple of days on business or for a quick getaway but have no idea where to find the best food and drink?  Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered with my new blog series, Eating Chicago in 2 Days.  I am creating short itineraries of Chicago’s must-visit restaurants, bars, coffee houses and specialty shops which will provide you with diverse culinary tours of this food mecca in the Midwest.  Please enjoy my latest installment of this new blog series about Chicago’s food scene which is easily accessible via our local trains and buses.  Ditch your car and let’s go Feeding Off The Rails! 


Day 1 – Eating Chicago in 2 Days – Vol. 2


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Eating Chicago in 2 Days – Vol. 1

There is no doubt that Chicago is one of the best food destinations in the U.S., especially in recent years.  Choices for restaurants, specialty shops, and bars are overwhelming, and you may only be in town for two days on business or for a quick visit.  I’ve written extensively about the Chicago food scene according to neighborhoods, cuisine, and mass transit line here at Feeding Off The RailsHowever, I thought it was about time that I create some convenient food itineraries that take the guesswork out of dining in The Windy City using the local trains and buses.  Below is the first installment of my new blog series, Eating Chicago in 2 Days.  Ditch the car and follow me!


Day 1 – Eating Chicago in 2 Days – Vol 1


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8 Best Logan Square Restaurants – Chicago

Logan Square is one of my absolute favorite Chicago neighborhoods.  Situated away from overcrowded restaurant destinations such as The Loop, River North, and Lakeview, Logan Square is home to some of the cutest and most delicious spots in the Windy City.  Here are the 8 Best Logan Square Restaurants from a Michelin-starred tavern/inn to a beloved pie shop with a garden.  How many have you tried?

* Click on the restaurant names for more information and directions




This new addition to the Chicago food scene rightly deserves the first spot on my list of the 7 Best Logan Square Restaurants.  



Best Logan Square Restaurants Best restaurants of 2016 Chicago Dining Roundup Swordfish Giant Chicago

Oh, this swordfish!



The creative dishes like the spicy and earthy swordfish with mint, lime and jalapeño peppers in a lemongrass and coconut broth is what dreams are made of.  I kid you not!  Make your reservations now!





Daisies is an Italian restaurant with Midwestern influence.  The hand pulled plates of pasta are some of the best things I put in my mouth all year.  I especially loved the whole wheat tagliatelle with pistachio, carrot, and basil.  The wine list features a great mix of local vineyards, including some standouts from Michigan.



Daisies Chicago restaurant options best restaurants of 2017 Best Logan Square Restaurants

Whole wheat tagliatelle with carrot, pistachio, and basil


(2523 N. Milwaukee Ave. – Take the Blue Line to Logan Square ‘L’ stop)


Longman & Eagle



Located directly across the street from the Logan Square ‘L’ stop, on the CTA Blue line, this place has earned a Michelin-star for the last 6 years that it’s been open.  Wow!  Part Midwestern tavern, part inn with 6 available rooms, Longman & Eagle has a top-notch beverage program with great bartenders.  The food is really creative. I love their Outside Bar (OSB) where interesting, house-made donuts are being churned out to hungry patrons on the weekends.



Best Logan Square Restaurants Longman & Eagle Logan Square

Wonderful Old Fashioned and cheese plate

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