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Zaytune Mediterranean Grill – Bridgeport, Chicago

Happy Moody Monday!  Today’s mood = Mediterranean. I’m often asked which type of cuisine is my favorite.  That’s a tough question to answer, since food is my “porn.”  However, the “gun to my head” reply would be Mediterranean.  One of the very best spots in Chicago to get your fix of falafel and more is at Zaytune Mediterranean Grill. It has

Ahjoomah’s Apron Korean Restaurant – Chinatown, Chicago

Chinatown in Chicago is just as vibrant and bustling as in other big, American cities.  In a recent post, I sang the praises of Strings Ramen, an authentic Japanese ramen shop, located in this tasty part of town.  Today, I want to talk about Ahjoomah’s Apron.  

The Chicago Diner: A Vegan Tradition in Lakeview

Mondays can bring a bit of “shame” with them.  Mine is usually triggered by my culinary overindulgence from the weekend.  While I hate the prejorative tone of the word shame (I prefer disappointment),  I try to self-flaggelate by going meatless for a few days.  Though, those days need not be consecutive (I’m not that disciplined) 😉  Today, I decided to repent

Bar Siena Is My New Boyfriend. What Would Siena Tavern Say?

Do you have a culinary crush?  I sure do.  As a food blogger you probably think that I am the kind of person who “plays the field” when it comes to my meals.  And, you would be right.  Yet,  I reserve a very special place in my heart (and my stomach) for the culinary touch of Siena Tavern.  Only, today

Big Star – Wicker Park, Chicago

I almost didn’t publish this post.  Generally, I like to limit my blogs to the food spots where I’ve gushed and drooled.  Given the consistently glowing buzz about Big Star during the last few years, I feel I must weight in…despite my disappointment.   So, I’ll begin with the positive, cool stuff.   Big Star is a tacqueria located in Chicago’s Wicker