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Paladar – Logan Square, Chicago

Buenos Dias, mi gente!  I have an affinity for all things Latin.  This year I fell in love with the latest, fabulous food flick, CHEF.  And, lately, I have been missing my lovely and talented Cuban-American amigo, Orestes.  Since I have no plans to visit Cuba or Miami in the short term, last Friday I decided to immerse myself in

Semiramis – Albany Park, Chicago

Two of the most healthful and sensual food ingredients for me are good olive oil and lemons.  They are my “go-to,” “gotta have ’em” food crushes. Yet, sadly, olive oil and lemons are under utilized in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants. As an Italian-American, this confounds me to no end.  Thank goodness for Semiramis, a Lebanese restaurant in Chicago’s