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5411 Empanadas, A Taste of Argentina in Lakeview, Chicago

Have you been to 5411 Empanadas in Chicago?   The other night I had a rather violent dream which took place in Paraguay.  I know!  I am still scratching my head about that one.  However, rather than go into the curious details of that particular nightmare, I will simply chalk it up to having watched a recent, less-than-stellar episode of

Salero – West Loop, Chicago

I have a thing for Spain.  For all things Spanish, really.  My first trip to Europe, over 25 years ago, was to Spain.  I studied the Spanish language for 10 years and I grew up in New York City surrounded by an enormous number of Spanish-speaking people.  I have always believed I was Spanish in a previous life.  So, when

Little Goat Diner – West Loop, Chicago

Yesterday morning I awoke feeling very nostalgic.  For what?  Well, I was not exactly sure.  So, I jumped out of bed and headed to the gym to try and sweat out the answer.  Good decision!  By my 2nd set of repetitions on the tricep machine, I realized that the root of my sentimentality was the incomparable cooking of Top Chef winner,

Farmhouse – River North, Chicago

Yesterday morning, I crawled out of bed the victim of one of the WORST night’s sleep I have had in a while.  Since I am a notoriously bad sleeper, THAT is saying a lot.  I may have logged 2 hours of sleep all together during that entirely horrific night of tossing and turning which was mixed with profoundly messed up dreams.

Ba Le – Uptown, Chicago

When I awoke this morning, my mind was bursting with a long “to do” list of errands and my stomach was nagging me to satiate its craving for Vietnamese food.  There was only one solution for me and that was a trip to Ba Le for a bánh mì sandwich.