Sensational Chicago Bakeries That Will Make You Drool

I roll my eyes when people say “It’s baking season” because every season is baking season if you like baked goods.  Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savory bites, I give you my list of the best Chicago bakeries that will make you drool, regardless of whether it is

a holiday or not.  All of these tasty locations are accessible via mass transit, so follow me to get your fix!


Blue Line – Chicago Bakeries




This tiny bakery has both sweet and savory pies that will knock your socks off.  My favorite is the ginger-custard pie which is the right amount of sweet, spicy and creamy.  


Chicago food Chicago Bakeries Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Ginger custard pie at Hoosier Mama Pie Company


1618 W. Chicago Ave. – Take the Blue Line to the Chicago ‘L’  stop and transfer to the #66 Chicago bus west toward Austin




This charming Wicker Park bakery makes lovely cakes that are works of art but they also have wonderful pastries and coffee.  Grab the lone table up front in the bakery or head next door to take a load off and enjoy some peace and quiet while you watch the passersby stroll along bustling Division St.  I really enjoy their quiches.


Take the Blue Line to the Division ‘L’ stop and walk 5 blocks west – 1736 W. Division St.



Chicago Bakeries Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park

Roasted red pepper and spinach quiche





As far as Chicago bakeries go, Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Logan Square is the cutest by far. Their outdoor “pie garden” is open in the warm months.  Who wouldn’t be down with a pie garden?  Only the most hateful, miserable people, I presume.  Don’t be one of those people!


The talented folks at Bang Bang Pie are rotating pies on a seasonal basis.  If the sweet stuff is not your jam, try the savory biscuit options, pot pies or granola.  This is a teeny, tiny place, so be prepared to wait on the weekends.



Chicago Bakeries Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Chicago

Bang Bang Pie’s “triple berry crumble”



Take the Blue Line to the California ‘L’ stop and walk 6 blocks south – 2051 N. California Ave.






This Humboldt Park newcomer is a breath of fresh air to Chicago bakeries but it is also a throwback to old-time soda fountain joints.  I love it!  They offer home made sodas with ice cream floats, in addition to their menu of cakes, pies and sandwiches.  This place makes me nostalgic for my days as a soda jerk at my local Carvel store in Rockaway Beach, N.Y.







Take the #52 Kedzie bus to Augusta Blvd. (Connect at the California ‘L’ stop) – 1000 N. California Ave.






You should be this awesome when you reach 112 years old!  Scafuri Bakery has been serving amazing treats in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood, since 1904 and they are still going strong. When you open the door to this storied bakery, the smell of butter and other delights hits you in the face.  They have all of the traditional Italian pastries, cookies and cannolis (filled to order) and more.  




Chicago bakeries Scafuri Bakery

Pistachio cannoli filled to order at Scafuri Bakery in Chicago



Scafuri offers great sandwiches and daily toasts, as well as terrific coffee.  There are some tables and comfy seats, so stay awhile, enjoy the treats and feel your eyeballs explode with wonder.




Chicago Bakeries Scafuri Little Italy

Daily toast with ricotta, pears, honey and walnuts



Take the Blue Line to the Racine ‘L’ stop and walk a few blocks south. – 1337 W. Taylor St.



Brown Line – Chicago Bakeries





This German bakery in the Lakeview neighborhood has been making Chicago residents drool since the 1920s.  They have received numerous accolades over the years and their stollen has a stellar reputation.  


I ordered a birthday cake for my Dad here a few years ago and it was sensational!  The prices are great, too.




Chicago bakeries Dinkel's Bakery



Take the Brown Line to the Paulina ‘L’ stop and walk 1 block south – 3329 N. Lincoln Ave.





Are you a Francophile?  La Fournette in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood is a lovely little spot where you can order some French baked goods to-go or relax over a fabulous bowl of French onion soup and sandwiches.






Take the Brown Line to the Sedgwick ‘L’ stop and walk east to Wells St. – 1547 N. Wells







This is a fabulous bakery and millhouse in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  Everything here is made from scratch and it all rocks, especially the oatmeal which is a a “must-do.”  Don’t forget to add some house made jam!




Chicago Bakeries Baker Miller Lincoln Square

Home made oatmeal with cultured cream, milk, pecans and jam. Sooo comforting!



Baker Miller even offers baking classes for those of you who are in a more tactile frame of mind.  Check them out!






Take the Brown Line to the Western ‘L’ stop and walk 1 block south. – 4610 N. Western Avenue



Orange Line – Chicago Bakeries





It is no wonder why renowned chef, Rick Bayless, and others continue to sing the praises of this Pilsen bakery.  The dulce de leche cakes are the things to have at Kristoffer’s Bakery.  The traditional flavor is awesome but try the kahlua, coconut, caramel and vanilla flavors as well.




Chicago Bakeries Coolest Chicago Coffee Kristoffer's Bakery tres leches cake

Caramel tres leches cake a Kristoffer’s Bakery



Kristoffer’s also has great chocoflan and breakfast options such as chilaquiles.


Take the Orange Line to the Halsted ‘L’ stop and connect for the #8 Halsted bus (or just walk 6 1/2 blocks north) – 1733 S. Halsted






Pleasant House Pub set up shop in the former Nightwood space in Pilsen.  They enjoyed a stellar reputation in their former, nearby Bridgeport location but they have spread their wings to this larger pub in the full British tradition.  It’s all about the dreamy pot pies (steak and ale, mushroom and kale, chicken Balti) but the pastries, breads, salads and sides are wonderful, too.




Chicago Bakeries Hibiscus tea at Pleasant House



The owners of Pleasant House are milling their own grains and putting a ton of love into their baked goods.  They have a farm so the veggies used in their pies and salads are very fresh.







The space at Pleasant House really does replicate those all-day, lazy and inviting pubs in the U.K.  Start out with coffee and pastry and wind your way through lunch and cocktail hour 😉  


Take the Orange Line to the Halsted ‘L’ stop and walk 3 blocks north.  The #8 Halsted bus stops here, too. – 2119 S. Halsted



Red Line – Chicago Bakeries




I absolutely love when a business gives back to the community where they are located.  First Slice in Andersonville is all about giving back to those who are struggling with hunger and there is no better time to be reminded of how important it is to take care of each other than the holiday season.  



Chicago Bakeries First Slice Pie Cafe in Chicago

French Silk Pie



In addition, to their socially conscious agenda, the staff at First Slice is baking up some drool-worthy treats in the form of pie, cake, quiche, cookies and more.  This is definitely my new “happy place.”




Chicago Bakeries First Slice Pie Cafe in Andersonville



I really loved the French Silk Pie and the balsamic, raspberry pear pie.   The lemon-poppy seed biscotti was surprisingly moist.



Chicago Bakeries Biscotti at First Slice Pie Cafe

Lemon poppy seed biscotti


Take the Red Line to the Berwyn ‘L’ stop and walk west to Ashland Ave.- 5357 N. Ashland Ave.




Cupcakes made a crazy comeback in the last few years.  What gives?  Are we all just feeling nostalgic for our childhood birthday parties?  I was never a huge fan of cupcakes but I can certainly appreciate those that are well-executed.  Molly’s Cupcakes has won some well-deserved praise and I agree that their cupcakes are moist and yummy.


Head to Lincoln Park and check them out.  I recommend this malted marble cupcake with vanilla and chocolate marble cake, filled with malted milk pudding, chocolate swirl buttercream and crushed malt candy.  



Chicago Bakeries Chicago Dining Roundup Molly's Cupcakes Chicago

The Malted Marble cupcake at Molly’s Cupcakes is dreamy!



Molly’s is such a cute little spot to get out of the cold for a bit.  They even have a swing at the counter.  Talk about acting like a little kid while eating your cupcakes :)!


Take the Red Line to the Fullerton ‘L’ stop (Brown and Purple Lines, too) and walk a few blocks east and north to Clark St. – 2536 N. Clark St.





Do you like a bit of swank with your cupcakes?  More is located in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood and it is set up like a swanky, little boutique for tiny cakes.  You know what they say, “More is more!”


Chicago Bakeries Grand Marnier cupcake at More Cupcakes

Grand Marnier cupcake



Chicago Bakeries More cupcakes in Chicago



Chicago bakeries More cupcakes

Lemon meringue cupcake at More



Take the Red Line to the Chicago ‘L’ stop and walk 3 blocks north – 1 E. Delaware





When you are shopping along or near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue and you are about to faint from low blood sugar or a maxed out credit card, you need to head to Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter.  Blink and you will most likely miss it because it is set back a bit on a stretch of Walton St. across from Bloomingdale’s.


This is the only Belgian bakery in Chicago and you do not want to miss the incredible chocolate croissants and more.  Trust me!    


Chicago Bakeries Coolest Chicago Coffee Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter

The buttery chocolate croissant is a must at Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter in Chicago


Take the Red Line to either the Chicago ‘L’ stop (walk north to Walton) or the Clark/Division ‘L’ stop and walk a few blocks south. – 100 E. Walton.




This place is perfect for buying falafel sandwiches, hand pies, soups and a myriad of intoxicating, colorful spices.  Recently, they added an eat-in cafe.  Hooray!



Chicago bakeries Middle Eastern Bakery and food hall in Chicago

Falafel sandwich and fresh spices to-go!



Chicago bakeries Savory pies at Middle Eastern Bakery


Take the Red Line to the Berwyn ‘L’ stop and walk west. – 1512 W. Foster Ave.


Well, I hope this post has you good and hungry.  Now, wipe the drool off your lips and hop the rails to these sensational Chicago bakeries.  

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA trains and buses to these sensational Chicago bakeries.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!