Rubi’s Tacos at Maxwell Street Market in Chicago is a “Must-Do!”


Maxwell Street Market in Chicago is long-standing tradition.  It’s a fabulous outdoor destination which is open only on Sunday from 7am-3pm.  Among the many vendors of food and wares is Rubi’s Tacos.  I am so lucky to live so close by.  Last Sunday, I headed over there to indulge in an early morning taco fix.


Maxwell Street Market in Chicago

Maxwell Street Market in Chicago’s South Loop

One of the quickest ways to get there via mass transit is

to hop on the CTA #12 Roosevelt bus to the corner of Desplaines Street (easily accessed at the Roosevelt Road stop, near the CTA Red, Orange and Green Lines.)  Then, walk just a couple of blocks north into the Maxwell Street Market.  Alternatively, take the CTA Blue LIne to the Clinton ‘L’ stop and walk 2 blocks west and 4 blocks south.


CTA #12 Roosevelt bus near Rubi's Taco's at Maxwell Street Market

Leave your cars at home, folks!


There are many fabulous taco spots in Chicago but, undoubtedly, the best spot for some awesome al pastor and calabaza (squash blossom) tacos is at Rubi’s.  The handmade tortillas are some of the best in the city.  The lines at this particular taco stop at Maxwell Street Market can be long as the day wanes on, so get there before 10am to avoid the crowds and snag a seat at one of the cute picnic tables.


Rubi's Tacos in Chicago

Rubi's Tacos and quesadillas

Homemade, made-to-order goodness 🙂

The menu focuses on tacos and quesadillas.  You can get your favorite fillings in either format.  Two or three tacos are a perfect meal and you cannot beat the price.  They are all $3.00 – $3.50. That’s a welcome savings to the $20+ you are guaranteed to spend at one of the many trendy brunch spots in town!

As I mentioned, the al pastor and calabaza are stand-outs.  That is why I keep coming back 🙂  I arrived just before 10am and the tables were already full.  Luckily, there were only 3 people in line in front of me on this particularly sunny Sunday morning.  I’m thinking about some mole tacos on my next visit.  I love a good mole 🙂


Rubi's Tacos at Maxwell Street

Waiting on my al pastor tacos and more!

Al pastor tacos at Rubi's Tacos

The BEST al pastor in Chitown!

Calabaza tacos at Rubi's Tacos

Don’t forget the hot sauce!

Rubi's at Maxwell Street

Get to Rubi’s Tacos early, y’all!


Another fabulous treat at Maxwell Street Market is the Churro Factory truck.  I highly recommend getting a warm, sweet and crunchy churro with a Mexican hot chocolate.  There are usually 3 or 4 flavors available but I am partial to the plain ones.  So huge and decadent!


Churro Factory in Chicago

Churro Factory at Maxwell Street Market

Churro Factory and Mexican hot chocolate are a great idea on a Sunday Funday!


Meander around the market to buy some local produce, dried fruits, chilis, and nuts.  Check out the clothing vendors.  There’s something for everyone.  Looking for a drill bits or a massage table?  You can find those here, too 🙂


Produce vendors at Maxwell Street

Maxwell Street Market


Why not trade in your typical Sunday brunch routine for a lovely stroll through the Chicago institution that is Maxwell Street Market?!

Rubi’s Tacos at Maxwell Street Market is located at 800 S. Desplaines St.  They are open only on Sundays from 7:00am-3pm.  

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA #12 Roosevelt bus or the Blue Line to Rubi’s Tacos.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!