Osteria Langhe – Trifecta Tuesday – Logan Square, Chicago

I cannot believe I let four months go by since I last dined at Osteria Langhe!  What was I thinking? This fabulous restaurant is located in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.  It specializes in cuisine from Italy’s northern Piemonte region.


Patio seating at Osteria Langhe

The inviting front sidewalk patio will gain a sister patio out back very soon.

Recently, I was reminded that

Osteria Langhe has a weekly special called “Trifecta Tuesday” which allows you to choose any appetizer, any entree and any dessert for $30,   So, I hopped the CTA Blue Line and walked just 6 blocks south and 1 block west of the California ‘L’ stop for a fabulous dinner.




I started things off with a bright and refreshing Spritz. It was made with Cappelletti, a wine based aperitivo, which is not as bitter as the Campari often used in this cocktail.  I have been converted 🙂


Osteria Langhe's spritz

Nothing like an Italian spritz on a hot summer night!


After perusing the many tempting menu items, I chose the Plin (tiny ravioli) for my appetizer.  It is Osteria Langhe’s signature dish.  They are made by hand daily with la tur, parmesan, thyme and butter.  La tur cheese is a combination of cow, sheep and goat’s milk.  It is extremely rich, creamy and the perfect complement to the salty parmesan.

How to describe them?  These plin are so light that they reminded me of butterfly kisses and puppy dogs!  Tiny packets of love that melted in my mouth.   I could have eaten a second order of them but I was sticking to my “Trifecta Tuesday” course load 😉 Seriously, this is a must-do.  


Plin at Osteria Langhe

You do NOT want to miss the signature house made plin here!

Next, I ordered this pan roasted Alaskan halibut puttanesca served over whipped potatoes for my entree.  The menu here consists of a variety of delicious meat options and a risotto which changes daily.  However, I wanted to keep things on the lighter side.  The halibut was very fresh and it was cooked perfectly.  I am a sucker for sweet, ripe tomatoes, as well as salty, briny olives, capers and hot peperoncini.  This puttanesca was the right choice for my trifecta.


Osteria Langhe's seafood

Super sweet Alaskan halibut puttanesca


I ended my dinner with this incredible panna cotta which was dusted with coconut and decorated with sweet raspberries.  It was a feat of culinary engineering.  So light, it nearly quivered off of the plate!  To date, it is the best panna cotta I have ever eaten and it paired really well with the Malvira Birbet dessert wine.  I usually would not think of having a dessert wine, as they tend to be too sweet for my taste.  However, the Malvira Birbet was a nice surprise.  It was well-rounded without being sweet and it had just the right amount of effervescence.    


Osteria Langhe's panna cotta

Osteria Langhe's panna cotta

Panna Cotta with raspberries and a lovely dessert wine was a perfect way to end Trifecta Tuesday.

Osteria Langhe is owned and run by Aldo Zaninotto and Chef Cameron Grant.  I really love that they decided to open their restaurant in burgeoning Logan Square, outside of the glut of restaurants in River North and Lakeview.  This is a charming area which evokes the intimacy of an Italian Piemonte neighborhood.  

Osteria Langhe’s space is warm and cozy inside.  There is some sidewalk seating in front of the restaurant and a second outdoor patio out back will be opening soon.  Aldo is always on hand to make sure your experience is as exactly as he envisioned it for you.

Not interested in dinner?  Check out my previous post about the wonderful Sunday brunch being served up here. 

Osteria Langhe is located at 2824 W. Armitage.  It is open every day dinner.  Brunch is served on Sunday.

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Blue LIne to Osteria Langhe  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive! 

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