Oiistar – Wicker Park, Chicago

Happy Wednesday!  I am here today with my rainy day ramen report.  What a deluge of water that blew through town today!  I could not think of a better way to warm up and dry off than to head to Oiistar in Chicago’s Wicker Park for a steaming bowl of ramen 🙂


Oiistar in Chicago

Oiistar on Milwaukee Avenue


Oiistar is located just 2 1/2 blocks south of the Damen ‘L’ stop and  1 1/2 blocks north of the Division ‘L’ stop, along the CTA Blue Line.  So, save on gas.  Avoid traffic, road rage and parking. 


Damen 'L' stop near Oiistar


Here’s how my ramen went down:

After I stepped in from the rain, I bellied up to the bar and eyeballed Oiistar’s menu of interesting appetizers, specialty buns and ramen.  Since this was my first time there, I decided to go with the Oiistar Umami Spicy Ramen.  It’s made with 48-hour pork broth, poached egg, scallion, tree-ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and a spicy miso paste.


Oiistar ramen

Oiistar in Wicker Park


I chose the housemade noodles for my ramen.  They are thin, straight and made fresh every morning.  You also have a choice of wavy noodles or gluten-free noodles which are sourced outside of the restaurant.  I made a great decision.


Oiistar pork ramen

Umami Spicy Pork Ramen


The noodles were executed perfectly and stayed firm in the deliciously layered broth, until I slurped my way to the bottom of the very deep bowl 🙂


Ramen noodles at Oiistar


There was a good amount of spice in this dish without causing me to sweat.  As a lady, I really appreciated this balance of flavor 😉


Oiistar ramen shop

Nice pork broth!


The spicy ramen usually comes with both pork belly and ground pork.  However, I am not a fan of ground pork (or chicken).  Oiistar glady accomodated my request for the bowl to be strictly pork belly.  Way to be flexible!



Ramen at Oiistar



Given the mammoth size of the bowls here, I decided against an appetizer or bun. Instead, I kicked up the heat and flavor of my ramen with a side of this yummy kimchi.  Love my “Korean flu shot”!  How about you?



Oiistar's kimchi

Kimchi is like a Korean flu shot!


Menu at Oiistar

Perfectly cooked housemade noodles!

Oiistar provided me with one of the very best ramens I’ve had all year.  Check back here in a few days for my complete list of Chicago’s Top Ramen 2015.

Oiistar is located at 1385 N. Milwaukee Ave.  It is open Tuesday – Sunday for lunch and dinner. Click here for more information.

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Blue Line to Oiistar.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!

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