Nana – Bridgeport, Chicago

Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood is home to some of my favorite haunts such as The Duck Inn, Zaytune and Pleasant House Bakery.  One of the restaurant pioneers in this great part of town is Nana.


Nana in Bridegport


The #8 Halsted bus will take you directly to Nana.  The CTA Orange Line connects to this bus route at the Halsted ‘L’ stop.  A very convenient reason to leave your car at home 🙂


CTA stop near Nana

Ditch the car and ride the rails!


Nana is a family-owned place which is serving up organic and sustainable dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They support a variety of local farms and purveyors, insuring that all of their ingredients are free of pesticides, hormones, GMOs and antibiotics.  I certainly appreciate this sort of commitment when it comes to my food.  How about you?


Brideport restaurants

Nana is an organic, friendly, family-owned restaurant.


While I’ve heard so many great things about Nana over the years, today was my first visit there. I arrived around 12:15pm and I grabbed a table near the window looking out onto Halsted St. Everything on Nana’s menu sounds delicious.  The dishes here have Latin-American, Mexican and Spanish influences.  Right in my comfort-zone!  

Here’s how my lunch went down:

I started off with a cup of Nana’s tortilla soup.  Soup here is also available in full-size bowls but I wanted to make sure I left room to try some other menu items.  So, a cup was a great strategy. The base of the soup was just the right amout of creamy and smoky.  As I love spicy food, I was happy to see that Nana was not shy about representing its Latin/Mexican focus.  I will be back again for the full bowl 🙂


Nana in Bridgeport

Tortilla soup at Nana

Tortilla soup


Instead of 1 entree, I decided to have 2 more starters to round out my lunch.  I went with this colorful and healthy cauliflower salad.  Purple and white cauliflower shared the plate with crispy chives, brussel sprout leaves, green olives, celery and parsley.  The dish was dressed with a spicy vinaigrette.  I added some grilled shrimp to this salad for some protein.  It was wonderful. I could really taste the freshness of all the local farm ingredients.


Salads at Nana

Spicy and organic cauliflower salad with shrimp


At that point, I was feeling pretty great about my healthy menu choices.  So, in an effort to be a bit naughty, I ordered these completely outrageous avocado fries.  After all, avocados are so good for us 😉  


Appetizers at Nana

Avocado fries with chipotle-lime aioli


Just look at them!  Hot and creamy with just a kiss of batter to keep the integrity of the avocados in play.  They are served atop some chipotle-lime aioli and cilantro.  Well done, Nana!


Avocado fries at Nana

These avocado fries taste like more, please!

Nana's avocado fries

Lightly battered and super creamy. Yum!


My first visit to Nana was a totally yummy experience.  I left completely satisfied and feeling great about the quality of the food I ate.  It’s so lovely to see this type of establishment going strong, after so many years in Bridgeport.  I’ll be back for their half-priced Happy Hour cocktails and appetizers Wednesday – Friday from 3-6pm.

Nana is located at 3267 S. Halsted St.  It is open 7 days a week.  Click here for more information.

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Orange Line and #8 Halsted bus to Nana.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive.