About Me

Melissa Falk Feeding Off The Rails

I was born, raised and lived in New York City until 2005 when I moved to Chicago where I currently reside.

While I do not follow conventional or organized religions, the “holy trinity” which keeps me centered is TRAVEL, FOOD and LIVE MUSIC.  To be clear, the Travel Channel, The Food Network and all food and travel-related media are my porn!

Airports and good grocery stores excite me.  I LOVE exceptionally spicy food.  There is no such thing as too much garlic or hot sauce!  Moreover, hot food should be hot until the very last bite, sip or slurp.  I despise lukewarm coffee, especially if it tastes awful already.  I believe that any establishment that has its focus on breakfast but which cannot serve up a great tasting, burn-my-tongue, give-me-a steam facial, non-diarrhea-inducing cup of coffee should simply close its doors.  A person should be properly caffeinated!

I get as excited about stumbling upon the ripest tomatoes of the season as I do about world politics.  I am always thinking about my next meal.  Sometimes cooking is the only calming and creative outlet I can enjoy in a day and a girl has got to eat!

I am a self-imposed and unapologetic non-driver.  Yes, that’s right.  I do NOT possess a driver’s license.  You can now remove your jaw from the floor!  I prefer walking, cycling, and mass-transit as my modes of transportation.  These choices save me money, help me to stay in better physical and emotional shape (no road rage!) and allow me to do my part in lowering road congestion and pollution.  Also, walking, cycling and mass-transit are often faster than driving (particularly in a big city) and they keep me in a more nomadic frame of mind.

My Feeding Off The Rails blog is dedicated to promoting great dining and food destinations which are accessible via mass transit.  It began as a series on my Solo Roamer blog.

I encourage you to leave your car at home.  Save on gas.  Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution.  Don’t drink and drive.

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