13 Great Lakeview Restaurants You Should Try

The extreme number of restaurants in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is dizzying.  I have eaten at a great many of them.  In identifying the best of the lot, I narrowed down the list, based on consistency, uniqueness, and, honestly, lack of the “stroller-set.”  I won’t apologize for that last criterion.  So, here I give to you “13 Great Lakeview Restaurants,” in no particular order:

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Ceres’ Table 

This bright spot on N. Broadway is serving up really fresh, regional Italian cuisine.  You cannot go wrong here.  Small plates, pizzas, and brunch are all lovely.  This salmon eggs benedict rocks. Their breakfast potatoes are the best in Chicago.



Lakeview Restaurants Ceres' Table brunch

Salmon eggs benedict




Chef Ashlee Aubin (Salero) always hits the mark with his creative and hearty menu.  I love the brunch here but dinner is a winner, too.


Lakeview Restaurants Wood's brunch menu

Shrimp ‘n grits


Lakeview Restaurants Wood in Boystown




If it’s tasty fried chicken you’re craving, this spot has you covered with Korean-style wings, bibimbop and more.  Get their “Seoul-Sassy” sauce.  This place is truly addictive.  Can you say “cheat day?”


Lakeview Restaurants Crisp

Seoul-Sassy Korean fried chicken


Rickshaw Republic 


This is one of Chicago’s only Indonesian restaurants.  Bonus!  It is as cute as a button, decorated to resemble traditional Indonesian street stalls.  Colorful, intimate, tasty. Enough said.


Lakeview Restaurants Rickshaw Republic



Lakeview Restaurants Rickshaw Republic



DryHop Brewers 


This brewery/kitchen serves up dishes inspired by their hop-centric ales.  It’s a totally chill spot to hang out and enjoy one of Chicago’s 6 Best Burgers.  Bonus!  Bring in a growler and take home some of the delicious craft beer.


Lakeview Restaurants Brunch at Dry Hop

Those fries were incredibly hot and crispy. Loved the aioli that came with it!


Chicago Diner 


Are you looking for a vegan/vegetarian place?  Well, this Lakeview restaurant has been serving up those special dishes since the early ’80s.  That’s impressive!  You can even buy vegan cakes to-go!  Need catering?  Done!


Lakeview Restaurants Vegan burgers at The Chicago Diner

Buddha’s Karma Burger


Cafe El Tapatio 


A family-run, Mexican place which has been in business for 40 years.  It’s colorful and festive.  I love the ceviche here.


Lakeview Restaurants Cafe El Tapatio

Love the fresh ceviche here!


5411 Empanadas 


If you can’t jet off to Argentina, you can stop by this cozy spot around the corner from the Landmark Century movie theater.  They specialize in housemade savory and sweet empanadas.  They also have locations in Wicker Park and The Loop.  Follow their food truck around town, if you must eat on-the-go.


Lakeview Restaurants 5411 Empanadas



Lakeview Restaurants 5411 Empanadas

Banana-Nutella empanadas


Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market 


I love the whole retail/dine-in concept.  This place fits the bill perfectly.  Choose a seat in the main dining room or in the bar/retail market up front.  Then, try and choose from the many seafood options from around the world.  This seafood spot is a fresh delight among the many Lakeview restaurants.


Lakeview Restaurants Fahlstrom's Fresh Fish Market

King crab roll and potato pancake. Yum!


Kuma’s Too 


The original Kuma’s Corner in Avondale gave birth to this second Lakeview location just steps from the Diversey ‘L’ stop, along the CTA Brown Line.  They specialize in burgers inspired by heavy metal bands.  I love the “Plague Bringer” burger.  It has enough garlic and hot peppers to ward off the flu and Satan.


Lakeview Restaurants Kuma's burgers

The “Plague Bringer” burger


Del Seoul 


Do you like Korean street bbq?  Me, too!  Head to this spot for some great tacos.  The blackened tofu taco and the chili-sesame shrimp taco are stand-outs.


Lakeview Restaurants Del Seoul's tofu taco

Del Seoul’s blackened tofu taco


Wilde Bar & Restaurant 


This cozy Irish pub with leather-laden booths and a couple of fireplaces is one of the coolest places among Lakeview restaurants.  Whether you are looking to curl up with a book, watch the big game or dig into one of the best chicken pot pies in town, you can’t go wrong here.  As warm and inviting as Wilde is on the inside during the winter months, it’s flower-filled sidewalk patio is a great hang in the summer.


The Spanish Square


I love this retail market/cafe with imported Spanish products and tasty menu.  The empanadas and wine are top-notch and the owners are delightful.   You should also try the steak entrees and zesty salads.


Chicago food scene Awesome Spanish restaurants The Spanish Square

Sangria and empanadas

Grab your metro card and ride the rails to these 13 Great Lakeview Restaurants in Chicago.

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In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA trains and buses to these “13 Great Restaurants in Lakeview.” Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking. Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!