Kuma’s Too – Lakeview, Chicago

It’s cold and flu season, people!  So, it’s time to strengthen your “internal army” against the nasty viruses that are floating around.  And, if you live in Chicago, you also must rise up to meet Mother Nature’s angry attitude and slap her right back in the face for dealing us some early Arctic temps.  One of the best ways to beat down these two birds with one stone is to hop the CTA Brown Line to Kuma’s Too at 666 W. Diversey Parkway (Yes. This is the real address!) in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood and order one of their badass burgers.  

Kuma's Too in Chicago

Kuma’s Too is located just 5 blocks east of the Diversey ‘L’ stop, so stop whining about how it’s just too cold outside to grab one of the many fabulous burgers offered there!

Diversey 'L' stop near Kuma's Too


CTA Brown Line near Kuma's Too


Kuma’s has been in business since 2005 when it opened its original and existing location, Kuma’s Corner, at 2900 W. Belmont Avenue in the Avondale neighborhood.  

Executive Chef Daniel Grynevich, formerly of Charlie Trotter’s, has created a menu which combines a love of meat and heavy metal.  Seriously, the space is covered with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Metallica memorabilia.  The music played at Kuma’s reflects the same. Some of the burgers are named after these bands and their songs.  Others simply have kickass names. 

Here is how my solo lunch went down on this frigid, snowy day:

Since garlic has been known to ward off many things from colds to vampires and there is no such thing as too much garlic (HA!), I ordered the “Plague Bringer” burger medium-rare.

Kuma's Plague Bringer burger

Kuma's burgers in Chicago

Burgers at Kuma's



The “Plague Bringer” burger is a 10 oz. beef patty with roasted garlic mayo, crushed garlic, housemade hot sauce, pepper jack cheese, freshly sliced jalapeño pepper, crunchy tortilla strips, lettuce, tomato and red onion.  It comes with a choice of hand-cut fries or chips.  The side of of Anger is free 🙂

This burger is a scary monster.  Exactly what I needed to feed my “inner army.”  The burger was cooked to the medium-rare perfection which I requested and there was an abundance of garlic which made me incredibly happy.  The garlic plus the other heat-packed ingredients on this “monsterpiece” … I mean, masterpiece of a burger, gave me the sustenance and edge I need to carry on for the upcoming winter days.  Kuma’s calls this the “Plague Bringer” but I will also be referring to it as the “Screw You Flu” burger 😉  

All of the burgers at Kuma’s are gourmet meals.  These burgers are NOT for wimps.  So, “Butch Up, Sally!”  Both Kuma’s locations offer a “Burger of the Month.”  The Burger of the Month for January 2015 at  Kuma’s Too is SOURVEIN:

Kuma's burger of the month

January 2015 Burger of the Month at Kuma’s Too


Kuma’s is considered one of the best, if not THE best burger joint in Chicago.  They proudly boast that there are NO VEGAN items on their menu. Good for them for taking a stand.  I really dig that!

Another thing about which Kuma’s takes a stand is giving back to the local community.  They support local purveyors, including breweries. Also, Kuma’s informs you about charities which they support, so that you can make donations.

Check out Kuma’s libations menu.  They have a lot of great local craft beers available, a great whisky list and some fun, “killer” cocktails. 

Kuma's cocktail menu

Kickass Cocktail list at Kuma’s Too


Kumas' Too in Lakeview


Heavy metal at Kuma's


Kuma's heavy metal theme


Kuma's heavy metal decor

So, the next time you feel like sharpening your edge or you need to prepare for a battle of any kind, fuel up with some meat and metal at Kuma’s!

Curious about other great burger joints in Chicago?  Read my posts about Au Cheval and Cochon Volant.

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Brown line to Kuma’s Too.  Save gas money.  Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Don’t drink and drive!