Eating New York City – 2 Days (Vol. 2)

This new blog series is meant to help you take the guesswork out of exploring New York City’s food scene when you are only in town for a couple of days.  Volume 1 of Eating New York City explored Williamsburg, Harlem and more.  Today I have a new 2-day itinerary to help you take a bite out of the Big Apple.  Ditch the car, hop on the subway and let’s go Feeding Off The Rails!



Day 1 – Eating New York City – 2 Days – (Vol 2)



Start your first day eating New York City with some fantastic bagels, cream cheese, smoked fish and caviar at Sable’s on the Upper East Side.  I love the

smoked tuna salad on an everything bagel.  It’s always good to come home to NYC!




Sable's in New York City Eating New York

Don’t forget a bagel or a bialy!




New York Eats Sable's deli upper east side Eating New York

You want the good bagels and smoked fish when in NYC.



1489 2nd Ave. – Take the Q train to 2nd Avenue or the 6 train to 77th/Lex




Later, head to Times Square and grab an afternoon snack at Little Pie Company.  This is one of the Essential Bakeries in NYC.  The sour cream apple pie and carrot cake have been two of my favorite things to get here for decades.




NYC pizza burgers Little Pie Company Times Square Essential New York Bagels Brunch Bakeries Eating New York

Signature sour cream-apple pie at Little Pie Company in NYC


424 W. 43rd St. – Take the A, C or E train to 42nd St. – Port Authority



When you’re hungry for dinner and a change of scenery, get a taste of Vietnam at Hanoi House in the East Village.  This tiny spot is serving bowls of noodles, crispy spring rolls, and warm curry dishes, alongside a great wine list.  




Eating New York New York's food scene Hanoi House best restaurants of 2017

Crab and pork rolls at Hanoi House in NYC



119 St. Marks Pl. – Take the L train to 1st Ave. or the F, M trains to 2nd Ave.




A memorable way to top off your first day Eating New York City is to have a cocktail at Fraunces Tavern at the tip of Manhattan near Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry. 






FUN FACT:  Fraunces Tavern is one of the oldest buildings in NYC (1762) and it happens to be where George Washington said goodbye to his troops! 



Sometimes we get caught up in the glam and glitz of the bright lights in this big city and we forget that there is so much history to breathe in.  Put this place on your itinerary.




Eating New York Fraunces Tavern

Fraunces Tavern in the oldest building in NYC  Photo credit:  Fraunces Tavern



54 Pearl St. – Take the J, M trains to Broad St. or the 2, 3 trains to Fulton St.



Day 2 – Eating New York City – 2 Days (Vol. 2)



Now that you are starting to get a taste for Eating New York City, continue your culinary tour by having breakfast at Bluestone Lane in the heart of Greenwich Village.  This Australian outpost has the best flat white coffee I’ve had anywhere and the baked goods are wonderful.  The sunny corner spot where Bluestone Lane sits is the perfect place for people-watching.




Eating New York New York's food scene Bluestone Lane Essential New York Bagels Brunch Bakeries

Australian Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe in Greenwich Village




New York's food scene Bluestone Lane Essential New York Bagels Brunch Bakeries Eating New York City

Awesome flat white at Bluestone Lane in NYC



55 Greenwich Ave. (corner of Perry St.) – Take the 1,2 trains to Christopher St.



Since NYC is so much more than Manhattan (there are five boroughs, people!  Please learn them.), grab some lunch at Mu Ramen in L.I.C. (Long Island City) in Queens.  I am from Queens and I lived in this cool, industrial neighborhood for six years.  Recently, it seems like everyone is flocking to L.I.C. to check out the vibrant restaurant and bar scene near the East River.  Mu Ramen is one of the best new places for a meal here.




Eating New York Mu Ramen

Photo credit:  Mu Ramen in L.I.C.


1209 Jackson Ave.  Take the 7 train to 45th Rd.-Court Sq or Hunters Point 


Read my article about spending 48 Hours in New York Solo



In the evening, try a taste of Paris at Jubilee, a lovely French bistro in the Turtle Bay neighborhood on Manhattans’s east side.  This is a cozy place with an extensive mussels menu, as well as traditional French fare.   In fact, all the seafood is great here.




Eating New York Best restaurants of 2016 Jubilee in Manhattan

Mussels Provencal-style



948 1st Ave. – Take the E, M, 6 trains to 53rd-51st/Lex or the M15 bus



Perhaps, there is no better place to round off your 2-day foodie tour of New York City than at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar.  This swanky spot has jaw-dropping views of lower Manhattan and the Empire State Building.  There is a beautiful outdoor deck as well as the restaurant and catering space inside.  I have been here a few times for special parties or just to have a cocktail.



FUN FACT:  Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve events have been televised at 230 Fifth Rooftoop Bar.



Eating New York 230 Fifth Rooftop

Photo credit: 230 Fifth Rooftop


230 5th Ave. – Take the 4, 6 trains to 28th St.



You’re all set, I hope you enjoy this itinerary.  Please also check out my first installment of Eating New York City – 2 Days for more tasty ideas of how to take a bite out of NYC with limited time.


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In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and ride the MTA subway as you embark on Eating New York City in 2 Days.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!