DryHop Brewers – Lakeview, Chicago

So freaking hot yesterday!  But, when my good friend, Barb, asked me to join her for brunch at DryHop in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, I could not refuse.  After all, I only needed to hop on the CTA Brown Line to the Belmont ‘L’ stop and walk 4 blocks east and 1/2 block south to get there.


Dry Hop in Lakeview

Belmont 'L' stop near Dry Hop


Barb was already sitting at a table near

a sunny window, when I arrived.  I promptly ordered this oh-so spicy Bloody Mary.  I had not had one for what seemed years!  it did not disappoint. It was super cold and laden with just the right amount of zesty horseradish to get me a a brunchy mood 🙂  Check out the super generous wedges of lemon and lime.  That’s right!  No bullshit slivers or twists here, folks!


Dry Hop's Bloody Mary

Superb, tangy, horseradish-laden Bloody Mary!


Since we arrived on the late side of brunch (2pm), I ordered this grilled portobello mushroom reuben which was genius.  Perfectly buttered and salty rye bread was home to the grilled mushroom, arugula, pickled red cabbage, onion, Swiss cheese, Russian horseradish sauce and expertly melted cheese.  So lovely!  Oh! The fries were no mere afterthought.  They were super hot and crunchy.  The aioli that accompanied them was a nice touch.  The wheat bear pictured here belonged to Barb.  She loved it so much that she ordered another.


Brunch at Dry Hop

Those fries were incredibly hot and crispy. Loved the aioli that came with it!


Reuben at Dry Hop Brewers

Dreamy grilled portobello mushroom reuben with horseradish sauce!


Barb loves a good burger.  What carnivore doesn’t?  She ordered this bacon cheeseburger which was cooked a PERFECT medium-rare. It was dressed with ancho-chili tomato jam, pickled sweet onions, arugula, and raw-milk cheddar cheese.  I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate it when a place cooks a burger the way you ask for it. Great job, DryHop!  Check out how crispy and generous this bacon is!


Dry Hop's bacon burger

My friend, Barb, had this medium rare bacon burger for brunch.

Burgers at Dry Hop

Looking gorgeous!

DryHop is a brewery and a kitchen/restaurant.  What makes them unique in Lakeview is that they offer growlers which are jugs.  You can buy growlers of beer in 64 ounces to go and come back to refill them. Basically, you help with the recycling effort.  So cool!


Dry Hop growlers

Growlers at Dry Hop

The space at DryHop is great.  It exists on the bright, sunny street of Broadway.  Very open and there are views into the beer vats.

Dry Hop was hoppin’ on this steamy Sunday Funday!  I love it here.


Dry Hop Brewers

Dry Hop in Chicago


DryHop is located at 3155 N. Broadway.  Click here for more information.

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In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Red Line or Brown LInes to DryHop.  Save on gas.  Avoid traffic, parking and road rage. Reduce pollution.  Don’t drink and drive!