Doughnut Vault – West Loop, Chicago

And now, a few words about doughnuts.  They’re usually round. They’re delicious. They’re not just for cops.  They’ve become artisanal.  Chicago is OBSESSED with them!

Usually, I do not crave sweets.  Especially in the morning.  Today was an exception.  Mostly, I was craving some first-rate coffee to start my day off right.  So, I hopped the CTA Green Line to Doughnut Vault in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.  It’s a happy coincidence that they serve up the perfect vehicle (read: DOUGHNUTS) to accompany their coffee 😉


Doughnut Vault West Loop


The West Loop location of Doughnut Vault is located just 1 block

east and 1 block south of the Clinton ‘L’ stop along the CTA Green Line, inside an office building at 111 N. Canal St.  The tenants of that building are incredibly lucky but also in danger of developing a serious habit (HA!).


Doughnut Vault Clinton L stop near Doughnut Vault


The Canal St. location’s menu serves only old-fashioned style doughnuts in various flavors such as buttermilk, pistachio, coconut cream, toasted almond, triple chocolate, lemon poppy seed and a rotating daily special.  Today’s daily special was a blackberry old-fashioned doughnut and that was exactly what I had.


Doughnut Vault's blackberry old-fashioned doughnuts

Blackberry old-fashioned special

Doughnut Vault's blackberry old-fashioned

The Blackberry old-fashioned special today with Bow Truss drip coffee

Blackberry old-fashioned doughnut at Doughnut Vault

Delayed gratification was my challenge today 🙂

This blackberry old-fashioned was not only bright, beautiful moist, sweet and tart but incredibly fresh.  Why are these doughnuts more fresh than other “poser” doughnuts?  Well, it’s because the folks at Doughnut Vault are scratch-making a certain number of doughnuts daily, until they run out of them.  And, believe me, none of their doughnuts are left behind to grow lonely and stale.


Doughnut Vault's triple chocolate old-fashioned

Triple chocolate old-fashioned

Doughnut Vault's pistachio old-fashioned

Pistachio old-fashioned

I washed down my doughnut with the Bow Truss drip coffee which Doughnut Vault is pouring.  I love Bow Truss coffee because it is smooth, flavorful and not bitter or acidic.  This drip was just what I needed to start my day.  Doughnut Vault’s Canal St. location also has a full espresso bar, if that is more your style.  And, bonus!  The coffee is hot from the very first slip to the very last gulp.  A person should be properly caffeinated!!!  Thank you, Doughnut Vault!

Also, this location is so cute!  Check it out.


Doughnut Vault at 111 N. Canal St.

111 N. Canal St. (office building)

Doughnut Vault West Loop

Doughnut Vault West Loop location

Doughnut Vault near Clinton 'L' stop

For such a tiny space in an office building lobby, it sure is pretty 🙂

The original location of Doughnut Vault is located on the corner of Franklin and Kinzie Streets in the River North neighborhood.  They are open every day and there are usually very long lines, especially on weekends.  This location only serves drip coffee, the buttermilk old-fashioned and the daily special.  However, other types of doughnuts are available such as gingerbread stack, jelly-filled and glazed (chestnut, vanilla and chocolate).

Doughnut Vault’s Vault Van which roams around town offers the same old-fashioned doughnut menu as the Canal St. location plus the wonderful drip coffee.  Follow them on Twitter to see where they will be next!
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