Dolce Italian – The Godfrey Hotel, Chicago

The other night I planned on heading up to Andersonville for some Venetian food.  However, Mother Nature and her tornadic mood made me stay closer to home.  Seriously,  this “Wizard of Oz” weather has got to stop!  Instead, I decided to check out the recently opened Dolce Italian in The Godfrey Hotel.

Chicago has been enjoying an incredible “gastronaissance.”  There are an extraordinary number of talented chefs in this town.  It was no surprise that the James Beard Foundation finally moved its awards ceremony here.  Even more interesting is the increasing number of fabulous hotel restaurants.  Add Dolce Italian to that list!  It is located just 2 blocks north and 2 blocks west of the Grand ‘L’ stop along the CTA Red Line.  You can also take the #22 Clark bus there.


Dolce Italian's entrance

Dolce Italian inside The Godfrey Hotel

Grand 'L' stop near Dolce Italian


Dolce Italian won the “Best New Restaurant” honor on the Bravo television series of the same name.  There are two other locations in Miami and Atlanta.  Executive Chef Paolo Dorigato and Chef Andrew Deuel (formerly at Tesori) have created a lovely menu.  There is antipasti, pasta, entrees and desserts.   I had a tough time choosing.  Just ask my very friendly and patient server, Jelena!

Here’s how my dinner went down:

I started off with this beautiful Caprese salad.  The mozzarella is house made and delicious.  The heirloom tomatoes were super sweet (Yay!!! Tomato season is finally here!).  The aged balsamic vinegar and basil pulled the dish together.  And, there was a proper (By “proper” I mean generous) amount of olive oil.  Well done!


Dolce Italian's Caprese salad

Beautiful Caprese salad with homemade mozzarella, sweet heirloom tomatoes, aged balsamic and basil


I controlled myself and took half of it home 🙂


Caprese salad at Dolce Italian


For my entree I ordered the Risotto Ai Frutta di Mare with lobster, scallops and calamari.  Great choice!  It is made with carnaroli rice which creates a creamier texture than arborio rice does. The seafood, tomatoes and basil were all equally sweet.  This risotto dish was not only really flavorful but surprisingly light as well.  That is quite rare for risotto.  That being said, I still took some of it home to enjoy the following day.  Why?  Because I didn’t want it to end 🙂


Dolce Italian's risotto

This was an incredibly light seafood risotto.

Dolce Italian's seafood risotto

Sooo creamy and sweet!


I washed it all down with this refreshing Aranciata cocktail made with aperol, dolin blanc, fresh squeezed orange juice, club soda and Prosecco.


Dolce Italian Aranciata

Aranciata cocktail with aperol, dolin blanc, fresh squeezed orange juice, club soda and prosecco


The space at Dolce Italian is bright and sleek with a really great energy.  It is definitely a hot spot in town.  I will be back for more.


Dolce Italian's open kitchen

Open kitchen at Dolce Italian

Hostess stand at Dolce Italian

Dolce Italian's tables

Dolce Italian's dining room

Dolce Italian's window seats

Dolce Italian's communal table

Dolce Italian's bar

Stylish and welcoming bar

Dolce Italian is located inside The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.  It is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Click here for more information.

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Red Line or #22 Clark bus to Dolce Italian.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive! 

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