Del Seoul Korean Street BBQ- Lakeview, Chicago


Hey, Chicago!  It’s a fact that this town has no shortage of taquerias.  But, I ask you.  Do the tacos you’re eating have soul?

I’m putting together my “2015 Best Chicago Tacos” list (stay tuned!) and I want to make certain that I have represented several different neighborhoods and a few different and soulful ethnic twists.  Today, I headed up to Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood to grab some lunch at Del Seoul Korean BBQ.  It is located just 2 blocks north and 2 blocks east of the of the Fullerton ‘L’ stop along the CTA Brown, Red and Purple Lines.  The #22 Clark bus stops right in front of the restaurant.


Del Seoul Korean Street BBQ

Corner of Clark St. and Wrightwood Avenue in Lakeview

Fullerton CTA stop near Del Seoul


I love Korean food (bibimbop, hot rice pots, bulgogi, kimchi, etc.) but I especially love when I can find all of the signature spicy and tangy flavors in taco form.  This family-owned, corner spot with counter service is serving up some really fresh and flavorful fare.  Here’s how my lunch went down:

I arrived at the height of lunchtime, so there was a cue at the door.  Since this place runs like a well-oiled machine, the line moved quickly.


Del Seoul in Lakeview

Del Seoul is open 7 days a week!

I ordered 3 tacos.  My favorite was this fabulous blackened tofu taco with edamame, a corn and tomato succotash, shishito aji salas verde and herbs.  I did not anticipate that a vegetarian taco would leave the best impression.  It will be a staple in my repertoire here.


Del Seoul's tofu taco

Del Seoul’s blackened tofu taco

I also ordered this kalbi (short rib) taco with cilantro-onion relish, secret slaw and sesame seeds.  It was really delicious.  I enjoyed the different textures of the corn tortilla and the crunchy relish. The spice on the short rib was very nice.


Del Seoul's Kalbi taco

The Kalbi (short rib) taco at Del Seoul is mighty tasty


Del Seoul Korean restaurant


Finally, I could not leave without trying the much buzzed about sesame-chili shrimp taco.  So happy that it lived up to the hype 🙂  The shrimp is dredged in a panko batter and accompanied by a cilantro-onion relish, sesame-chili aioli, slaw and sesame seeds.  This taco was fabulous on its own but the bit of kimchi I added put it over the top.  I will be very glad to have this one again.


Del Seoul's shrimp taco

The sesame-chili shrimp taco in the middle was even better with a bit of kimchi 🙂

Tacos not your bag?  No worries!  This place has you covered with lovely looking bento boxes, bibimbop, dumplings, and some Korean poutine.  A great local beer selection and wine are also available.

Del Seoul Korean Street BBQ definitely brought the “soul” to its tacos.  Will it make my “2015 Best Chicago Tacos” list?  Stay tuned!

Del Seoul is located at 2568 N. Clark Street.  They are open daily, lunch through dinner. Click here for more information.  

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Red, Brown or Purple Lines to Del Seoul.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!

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