30 Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots

I take my coffee very seriously.  I will gladly go out of my way, 30 minutes or more, for expertly roasted beans and a properly prepared cup of java.  Just as important, is finding cool coffee shops where I can settle in, escape and enjoy my caffeine.  Groovy tunes are a bonus.  After careful research, I give to you, my lovely readers (and travel bloggers visiting Chicago) the 30 Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots, by CTA ‘L’ line:



CTA Brown Line:



Heritage Bicycles (2959 N. Lincoln Ave.) –  Lakeview – You don’t have to be in the market for a locally made bike or related gear to appreciate this retro, cute-as-a-button coffee shop.  Grab a decadent pastry or chocolate bar and top off your coffee with various types of milk stored in an old stove up front.  Great music always fills the space here.  So I encourage travel bloggers in Chicago to bring their laptops and get some work done.  – Five blocks west and 1/2  block south of Diversey ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Heritage Bicycles in Lakeview



Eva’s Café (1447 N. Sedgwick St.) – Old Town – This is THE COZIEST and most comfortable coffee house in Chicago.  

The brick floor, kitschy decor, and living room vibe make this an exceptional spot to enjoy some java, pastries, and sandwiches.  You’ll feel like you’re at grandma’s house.  They always play a good mix of music, and there is not a screaming kid in sight.  Score!  It’s a perfect place for travel bloggers in Chicago to hide out. – One block south of the Sedgwick ‘L’ stop.



Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Eva's Cafe in Old Town

Eva’s Cafe is THE COZIEST coffeehouse in Chicago!


Next Door Café (659 W. Diversey Parkway) – Lincoln Park – A large community space serving coffee and café fare.  However, this is a free community space that does not require you buy anything to enjoy the free Wi-Fi.  Very cool!  All kinds of free classes and coaching sessions are available here.  Travel bloggers visiting Chicago should stop by and check out their huge chalkboard of upcoming events, including live sets by local musicians. Reserve a private room for a meeting (for free). – Six blocks east of the Diversey ‘L’ stop.



Asado Coffee @ Pickwick Lane (22  E. Jackson Blvd.) – The Loop – This adorable spot made it onto my recent post about Chicago’s Hidden Eats because it’s located at the end of an alley in a historic building that dates back to The Chicago Fire.  Blink, and you’ll miss it!  The building is one of the smallest in Chicago.  Asado can only accommodate two or three people at a time, so you must grab your coffee to-go or sit in the charming ally, adorned with lights.  This place has a real European feel that travel bloggers visiting Chicago will love. – One block south and 1/2 block west of the Adams/Wabash ‘L’ stop, on the CTA Brown, Orange and Green Lines.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Asado Coffee Roasters in Chicago

Asado Coffee Roasters on Pickwick Place is located in one of the tiniest buildings in Chicago dating back to the 1800s.



Toni Patisserie (65 E. Washington St.) – The Loop – Speaking of a European feel, Toni Patisserie has got it, too. This charming French bakery and cafe is just the respite you’ll need after a busy day in The Loop or walking along Michigan Avenue.  Most locals and travel bloggers visiting Chicago miss this tiny oasis. Why not order some macaroons or a croque madame with your coffee? – One block south and 1/2 block east of the Randolph/Wabash ‘L” stop, on the CTA Brown, Purple, Pink, Orange and Green Lines.



Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Toni Pastisserie in Chicago

Flattery or insult with my coffee?



Goddess & The Baker (33 S. Wabash) – The Loop – This bright and lively bakery is tucked under the ‘L’ tracks in the heart of The Loop.  Seriously, the rumble of the trains overhead adds to the overall aesthetic and energy of the coffee served inside.  Travel bloggers in Chicago should order some food and get some work done while they are here.  The sweets and the savories are drool-worthy!  – 1 1/2 blocks north of the Adam/Wabash ‘L’ stop, along the CTA Brown, Orange and Green Lines



Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Goddess and the Baker Chicago

Avocado toast with ricotta cheese, lemon, olive oil and chili flakes



CTA Blue Line:



Ipsento (2035 N. Western Ave.) – Bucktown –  Travel bloggers visiting Chicago will love this spot which is more a coffee shop than a coffeehouse.  It’s tiny but always busy.  There is a small nook in the back where you can take a load off.  Or, choose one of the few window seats at the front of the shop.  Ipsento is a local coffee roaster, and the roasts here are fantastic.  Get the signature Ipsento Latte made with a blend of espresso, coconut milk, dairy milk (substitute almond or soy milk, if you prefer), honey and cayenne.  Cafe sandwiches are available.  Ipsento offers interesting coffee classes.  Five blocks north of the Western ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Ipsento coffee Chicago

Ipsento signature latte with coconut milk, dairy milk (or almond/soy), honey and cayenne



CC Ferns (2806 N. August Blvd) – Humboldt Park – If you like top-notch coffee with a boozy steamer, Doughnut Vault doughnuts and a cigar menu, this place will have any travel blogger visiting Chicago channeling Ernest Hemingway.  CC Ferns has large fern plants and comfy chairs which make this a perfect spot to get caffeinated and transported.




Humboldt Park CC Ferns Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots

CC Ferns in Humboldt Park serves boozy coffee and cigars.



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Cup & Spoon (2415 W. North Avenue)Humboldt Park – This coffeehouse with great natural light is serving up locally roasted beans in a truly cozy space filled with the work of local artists. Choose a table or a counter stool.  Grab a bite to eat, chat with the neighbors or other travel bloggers in Chicago while enjoying the free Wi-Fi.  – Ten short blocks south of the Western ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Cup & Spoon in Humboldt Park




Café Mustache (2313 N. Milwaukee Ave.) – Logan Square – I love this place!  It’s not just for coffee.  Fancy some global tea leaves?  Midwestern artisanal spirits and microbrews?  A cup of gumbo?  This place has it all.  Only vinyl records are spun here, while you hang out or get work done.  A separate room hosts musical acts in the evenings which is fun for travel bloggers visiting Chicago. – One block north of the California ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Cafe Moustache in Logan Square




Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits – (2051 N. California Ave.) – Logan Square – Technically, this is not a coffeehouse.  It’s a pie shop/cafe serving up house-made, sweet & savory pies, fabulous biscuits, and locally roasted coffee.  There is no cuter spot for travel bloggers visiting Chicago to hunker down on a cold, snowy day.  In the summer, hang out in the cozy, neighborhood “pie garden.”  During the week, I like to chill out here early in the morning with my laptop.  Yum!  – Three blocks south of the California ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

Bacon biscuit, egg, and collard greens



Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

Checkerboard pie!



Caffe Streets – (1750 W. Division) – Wicker Park – Travel bloggers visiting Chicago will love the  high-quality coffee by Metric and lovely, herbal teas are the draw at this hip coffee house in Wicker Park – 7 blocks west of the Division ‘L’ stop




Caffe Streets in Wicker Park Chicago neighbohoods



CTA Red Line:


Caffé Umbria(346 N. Clark St.) – River North – This Italian coffee café with a few seats is located in the Thompson Building, near the Chicago River.  It’s not only one of the coolest Chicago coffee spots, but it also reminds me of the many tiny coffee shops I visited in Italy.  Caffe Umbria is a must-do for travel bloggers visiting Chicago.  




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Caffe Umbria menu

What did you have for breakfast today? 🙂



Caffe Umbria is a local coffee roaster out of Washington State and Oregon.  Their coffee and espresso are blended from beans cultivated in Brazil, Africa, and Europe.  They are one of the few coffee shops which offer light, medium and dark roast coffees, as well as light, medium and dark espresso.  I love the mocha Picante and the tall and tasty nocciola drinks.  Don’t forget the sweet treats from the local bakeries served here. –  3 1/2 blocks south and two blocks west of the Grand ‘L’ stop.



Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Caffe Umbria River North

Nocciola espresso drink



Beatrix (519 N. Clark St.)River North – Located inside the Aloft Hotel (a perfect accommodation for travel bloggers visiting Chicago), Beatrix is a restaurant first and foremost.  They just happen to have a fabulous coffee bar which includes a stellar pastry selection.  I dare you to resist the many decadent treats here.  The coffee selection includes roasts from local Chicago giant, Metropolis.  A unique antioxidant blend by Bulletproof is also available.  A fabulous fresh-squeezed juice menu is also available.  – Two blocks west of the Grand ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Beatrix coffee bar

So hard to choose a pastry at Beatrix!



Cafe Integral – (19 East Ohio St.) – River North –  This clandestine spot is tucked inside the Freehand Hotel (another great accommodation for travel bloggers visiting Chicago).  Sit at the long communal table up front or get cozy in one of the comfy chairs in the dark nooks and crannies in the back.  You will love the Nicaraguan coffee roasts and fare being served up here. Grab a seat, and the friendly staff will bring you your treats right to you.  – One block north and 1/2 east of the Grand ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Cafe Integral Chicago

Cafe Integral inside the Freehand Hotel in Chicago



Hendrickx Belgian Bakery (100 E. Walton – The Gold Coast – This is the only Belgian bakery in Chicago, and it is also on my list of Chicago’s Hidden Eats.  It is often overlooked by travel bloggers visiting Chicago near the Magnificent Mile and Bloomingdales (across the street).  Drop by for some java, an insanely good chocolate croissant or some light lunch. It’s a great place to hide from the world. – Four blocks north and three blocks east of the Chicago ‘L’ stop on the CTA Red Line.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter

The buttery chocolate croissant is a must at Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter in Chicago



Osmium Coffee Bar –  (1117 W. Belmont – Lincoln Park) This place is set up like a bar but with coffee!  In the warmer months, travel bloggers in Chicago can take their caffeine obsession onto the outside patio.  Impressive Dark Matter coffee creations are king here like the “Wake and Bake” made with maple syrup, sage, and black pepper.  Or, try the “Gingersnap Trainwreck.” – 2 1/2 blocks west of the Belmont ‘L’ stop (Purple and Brown Lines stop here, too).




Osmium Coffee Bar in Chicago

Wake and Bake – maple syrup, sage and black pepper



Osmium Coffee Bar in Lincoln Park

Gingerbread Trainwreck



First Slice Pie Cafe – 5357 N. Ashland) – Andersonville –  This is my new happy place!  Who doesn’t love amazing pie?  Sweet.  Savory.  First Slice Pie Cafe has you covered with both kind of pies that are among the freshest and most delicious I’ve ever had.  The coffee is mighty tasty, too.  This corner cafe is as cute as a button, and you can ogle and buy artwork from local artists. The other great thing that makes First Slice so special is that every dollar you spend goes back to feeding the hungry within the community.  Travel bloggers in Chicago will love this place. – One block north and 8 blocks west of the Berwyn ‘L’ stop at the corner of Balmoral and Ashland.




First Slice Pie Cafe in Andersonville

First Slice Pie Cafe has fantastic coffee as well as great pie and local artwork for sale.



First Slice Pie Cafe in Chicago

French Silk Pie



Cafe Press – (800 S. Clark) – South Loop –  This cute little spot is off the beaten path, and it opens early.  It’s quiet, cozy and the perfect place for travel bloggers in Chicago to get some work done. – Two blocks south and two blocks west of the Harrison ‘L’ stop



Cafe Press in the South Loop

Cafe Press in the South Loop is a quiet spot to enjoy some coffee



CTA Green Line:


La Colombe – (955 West Randolph St.) – West Loop – This location of the Philadelphia-based coffee roaster is located on the bustling corner of Morgan and Randolph Streets, along “Restaurant Row.”  La Colombe is my favorite coffee roast, and this outpost is a bright and cool spot to grab a cup of the brew while catching up with friends or other travel bloggers visiting Chicago. – One block south of the Morgan ‘L’ stop.



Little Goat Bakery – (820 West Randolph St.) –  West Loop – “Top Chef” winner, Stephanie Izard, added this bakery/coffee bar to her “goat” empire:  Girl & the Goat, Little Goat Diner and Duck, Duck, Goat).  Travel bloggers in Chicago will love that Little Goat Bakery is open very early at 6 am (7 am on weekends).  Little Goat Bakery is also a great spot to get Stumptown coffee (Portland, Oregon), oatmeal, full breakfast and decadent baked goods.  – Three blocks east and one block south of the Morgan ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Little Goat Bakery

Little Goat Bakery located inside Little Goat Diner



Jupiter Outpost (1139 W. Fulton Market) –  This is a funky, little, rustic spot with local artwork and light fare in the industrial section of the West Loop which travel bloggers in Chicago love.  Jupiter Outpost features Caffe Umbria coffee – 1 block north and three blocks west of the Morgan ‘L’ stop on the CTA Green and Pink Lines.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Jupiter Outpost Chicago

Local artists are featured at Jupiter Outpost coffeehouse.



The Market by Foxtrot (1019 W. Lake St.) – This quirky, gourmet grocery store is an odd little spot in the West Loop.  The coffee bar is located in the center of the space, and there is a communal table with an adjacent cozy living room where travel bloggers in Chicago can enjoy their caffeine in comfy style.  – One block west of the Morgan ‘L’ stop on the Green and Pink Lines.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots The Market by Foxtrot in Chicago

I love a cozy and cute room to take my morning coffee!



Sawada – (112 N. Green St.) – West Loop –   This huge loft with a farmhouse feel is a funky addition to Chicago’s trendy West Loop neighborhood which travel bloggers in Chicago love. The coffee is robust and creative – 1 block south and three blocks east of the Morgan ‘L’ stop (Pink Line stops here, too).




Sawada Coffee in Chicago



Sawada in the West Loop




CTA Orange Line:



Bridgeport Coffeehouse – (3101 S. Morgan St.) – Bridgeport – A favorite coffee roaster in Chicago. They sell their bag of beans all over this city.  This headquarter café has bright, cozy seating in the front and back of the house which is a quiet spot for travel bloggers in Chicago to get work done.  Bridgeport Coffeehouse serves up fairly traded coffee and light fare.  I get a lot of work done in the back room space.  Seven blocks south and three blocks east of Halsted ‘L’ stop. The #8 Halsted bus stops three blocks east.  




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Bridgeport Coffeehouse

Bridgeport Coffeehouse on the corner of Morgan and 31st Streets



Overflow Coffee Shop – (1550 S. State St.) – South Loop –   As one of the travel bloggers in Chicago, I am so proud that this place is in my neighborhood.  If you are down with fairly traded coffee (they use local roaster, Ipsento) and preservative-free ingredients, this Chicago coffee spot is for you.  Brandon and Amanda Neely work hard to make sure the farmer’s who cultivate the coffee beans are earning 25% more than the fair-trade rat, and they are sharing the wealth and giving back to communities near and far.  

Overflow is a shared space and, surprisingly, this is the only true coffeehouse in the South Loop. They are “Changing the World, One Cup at a time. –  3 1/2 blocks south of the Roosevelt ‘L’ stop (Green and Red lines stop here as well).  #29 State bus and #62 Archer bus will take you here.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Overflow Coffee Bar Chicago

Overflow Coffee Bar in the South Loop



Kristoffer’s Cafe & Bakery (1733 S. Halsted) Pilsen – If you love tres leches cake with your coffee, this is the place for you!  This family-run cafe is adored by residents and travel bloggers from Chicago who are “in-the-know.”  Even Chef Rick Bayliss (Frontera, Topolobampo, Xoco, Leña Brava) loves this place..  The phenomenal tres leches cakes and slices served here are also sold to several Mexican restaurants in Chicago. Run! Don’t walk 🙂 – 6 1/2 blocks north of the Halsted ‘L’ stop on the CTA Orange Line.  The #8 Halsted and #62 buses stop out front.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Kristoffer's Bakery tres leches cake

Caramel tres leches cake a Kristoffer’s Bakery



Little Branch Cafe (1251 S. Prairie Ave) –  South Loop – This secret spot also made my list of Chicago’s Hidden Eats because it is located inside a high-rise condo, off of Michigan Avenue, near Museum Campus.  It is one of the best places to enjoy massive amounts of coffee and a hot breakfast or lunch while listening to a well-curated playlist of music.  Another great thing about Little Branch is that is the best place for travel bloggers in Chicago to be on a cold and snowy day with views of the cute townhouses from the window. – One block south and two blocks east of the Roosevelt ‘L’ stop along the CTA Orange, Green, and Red Lines.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Chicago's Hidden Eats Little Branch Cafe

My sleepy little cafe is my favorite place for quiet morning coffee with great tunes.



Dollop (343 S. Dearborn) – Dollop has a few locations in Chicago, but I dig the relaxed vibe of this place in The Loop underneath the train tracks.  They serve Metropolis coffee, lovely pastry and a light menu.  It’s a bright, modern spot that opens at 6:30 am for those early rising travel bloggers visiting Chicago. – At the Harold Washington Library ‘L’ stop along the CTA Orange Line.



Jackalope Coffee and Tea House – (755  W. 32nd St.) – Bridgeport –  This charming spot serves fun and strong coffee drinks as well as great pastries and sandwiches.  It is an entirely kitschy place for travel bloggers in Chicago to hang out.  A nearby neighbor, Bridgeport Bakery, supplies some of the yummy sweets.   Artwork by local artists is available for purchase- 8 blocks south of the Halsted ‘L’ stop or take the #8 Halsted bus here




Jackalope Coffee and Tea House



There you have them, folks!  Hop the rails and buses to these 30 Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots.   Are you one of the travel bloggers from Chicago?  Do you have a favorite coffee spot in the city?  I would love to hear all about it!  Leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.


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In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage all the travel bloggers visiting Chicago to leave your cars at home and take the CTA trains and buses to these 30 Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots.  Save on gas.  Avoid traffic, road rage and parking. Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!