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There is no doubt that the food truck craze is sweeping the nation.  I have always felt very lucky to live in the melting pot that is America and, in particular, cities like New York and Chicago that love their street food.  Today, was another spectacular, sunny day in Chicago and I wanted to have lunch outside while on my way to run some errands.  Asian food was on my mind for weeks.  So, I decided to see what all the fuss was about the food truck, Chicago Lunchbox.


Chicago Lunchbox food truck


Chicago Lunchbox food truck menu


Chicago Lunchbox Asian food truck


Chicago Lunchbox menu

First, I went on Twitter this morning to find out the location for Chicago Lunchbox today.   I was delighted to learn that they would be parked conveniently in Chicago’s Loop on Clark St. off of Monroe St. from 11am -1pm.  Excellent news for me!  I would get in line before the big cue began and order my to-go lunch to enjoy alfresco!  After all, I had errands nearby to complete.


Chicago Lunchbox food truck in The Loop


Chicago Lunchbox lines


Asian food trucks in Chicago


Banh mi food trucks in Chicago

After waiting in line for less than 30 minutes (they have a  very efficient system down), I was able to look over the menu and enjoy some fun people-watching.  I listened carefully to see what the majority of folks were ordering.  What were the favorites?  What was I in the mood to eat?  Just then, the lovely woman in the Chicago Cubs cap who was taking our orders had just exited the truck to announce, to my dismay, that “The Viet” option was  SOLD OUT!  “Darn, that is what I wanted, “I thought.  Luckily, I have a wide and flexible palate (OK…I know that probably sounds dirty but…GET OVER IT!)


Asian food trucks in Chicago



Chicago LunchBox offers Korean, Vietnamese and Thai options.  I ordered the spicy Beefy Korean Rice Bowl.  So happy I did!  I probably waited 10 minutes from the time I placed my order and paid for it until my lunch was handed over to me.  Fantastic!  I grabbed a fork and some napkins and headed across the street to the fountain space patio near the Chase Bank building to enjoy my Asian lunch under a clear blue, sunny sky.  Jealous yet?


Chicago Lunchbox's Korean beef


Korean beef from Chicago Lunchbox

Food Truck dining reminds me a lot of waiting in line for weekend brunch.  You get to people-watch.  Perhaps you chat up some strangers or maybe the cute guys or gals who are around you (maybe the elevator-mate you have had a crush on) especially if you are dining solo.Whatever the case, soak it all in.  Food trucks are a way to bring a community together.  Also, they offer an alternative to expensive restaurant dining options, the questionable fast food options, an excuse not to pack your own lunch and a nice way to support start-up businesses (YAY!)

I found an empty table in front of the fountain and I dug in quickly to my meal which was so pretty and delicious.  It was just the right amount of Asian flavor I was hoping to enjoy.  Perfectly cooked beef, fluffy and, yet sticky rice, pickled veggies and just the right amount of jalapeno spice! YUM!


Chicago Lunchbox near Chase plaza


Outdoor dining near Chicago Lunchbox in The Loop


Outdoor fountains near Chicago Lunchbox in The Loop

I am following Chicago Lunchbox on Twitter for their upcoming locations.  I suggest you do the same if you are in Chicago and are craving some tasty, fresh, dining options.

For more information, you can also visit

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home at take the CTA to Chicago Lunchbox food truck as it roams around town.  Save on gas.  Avoid, traffic, parking and road rage.  Reduce pollution.  Don’t drink and drive!



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