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The Unusual Chicago Comfort Foods You Need To Try

When you think of Chicago comfort foods, what comes to mind?  Deep dish pizza?  Chicken Vesuvio?  Burgers?  Mac ‘n cheese?  While those are some of the obvious choices for comfort foods identified with “The Windy City,” I have some more unusual suggestions for you.  All you need to do is

19 Best Chicago Italian Restaurants Accessible Via Mass Transit

Buon Giorno, mi amici!  After careful research, I give you my picks for “19 Best Chicago Italian Restaurants Accessible Via Mass Transit”.  What are you waiting for?  Mangia!   **** [EDITOR’S NOTE:  This post was originally published on October 29, 2015.  This update includes seven(7) additional, delicious Italian restaurants in Chicago!  They are highlighted in the text in RED.] **Click

India House – River North, Chicago

Each time after I go out for Indian food, I am baffled as to why I am not eating more of it.  It happened again last week when I met my lovely friend, Anca, at India House in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.  What is wrong with me?  I love all of the colors and rich, earthy, spicy flavors of the ingredients

Two – Near West Side, Chicago

Last night I decided to celebrate the 85 degree day by taking myself out for an early dinner at Two in Chicago’s Near West Side neighborhood.  This restaurant has been in business nearly three years and, yet, it took me a while to get here.  Better late than never 🙂   Two is located just 6 blocks west of