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Amazing Southern Food in Chicago Can Be Found Here

I am a northerner who currently resides in the Midwest but that doesn’t mean I do not have a deep appreciation for foods from the south.  I am no “damn Yankee!”  In fact, I fell in love with low country cuisine in places like Savannah, Georgia and, in more recent years, I learned how to eat like a southerner in Chicago.

18 Best Restaurants You Will Love Near Bloomingdale Trail

Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail, or The 606, as locals affectionately refer to it, celebrated its first birthday last month.  This former rail line was transformed into a public park high above the city’s busy streets on the near west side.  The trail runs east to west, connecting the

7 Top Wicker Park Restaurants

Wicker Park is a young, cool neighborhood which has exploded with restaurants and bars over the last 10 years.  Sure, it’s known as “that grungy, hipster ‘hood” but don’t let that stop you from sampling some of the truly tasty eats and fun vibes there.  Take it from me.  I comb my hair.  My clothes are clean and ironed (But, I

Jerry’s Cosmic Sandwiches- Wicker Park, Chicago

  Tuesday was “National Sandwich Day.”  How did you spend it?  I headed over to Jerry’s in Chicago’s very vibey Wicker Park neighborhood to try one of their self-proclaimed “cosmic sandwiches.”     Jerry’s is a very cool sandwich joint/bar which is