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13 Great Lakeview Restaurants You Should Try

The extreme number of restaurants in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is dizzying.  I have eaten at a great many of them.  In identifying the best of the lot, I narrowed down the list, based on consistency, uniqueness, and, honestly, lack of the “stroller-set.”  I won’t apologize for that last criterion.  So, here I give to you “13 Great Lakeview Restaurants,” in no

Ceres’ Table – Regional Italian Cuisine – Lakeview, Chicago

  Happy Friday, Everyone!  The weekend is here.  If you are thinking about where to have brunch, I suggest you head over to Ceres’ Table in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.     Ceres’ Table (named after the Roman goddess of harvest) is located just 3 blocks east and 2 blocks south of

DryHop Brewers – Lakeview, Chicago

So freaking hot yesterday!  But, when my good friend, Barb, asked me to join her for brunch at DryHop in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, I could not refuse.  After all, I only needed to hop on the CTA Brown Line to the Belmont ‘L’ stop and walk 4 blocks east and 1/2 block south to get there.     Barb was

CRISP – The Best Fried Chicken You’re Not Eating!

I like my food the way I like men…hot and spicy with just enough underlying sweetness to make me swoon!  So, when a local Chicago comedian gushed recently about the incredibly tasty, Korean fried chicken being served up at CRISP in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, my mouth began to water.