Butcher & The Burger – Lincoln Park, Chicago


Winter smacked Chicago in the face today leaving me hungry for some comfort food. Nothing says ‘comfort food’ to me more than chili and burgers.  But, why choose when you can have both?  If you feel the same way, then head over to Butcher & The Burger in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.


Butcher & The Burger in Chicago


Butcher & The Burger is a BYOB, counter-service spot which is located just 1 1/2 blocks west of the Armitage ‘L’ stop, along the CTA Brown and Purple Lines.  So, quit whining

about the weather and hit the rails! 




This place is offering some interesting signature burgers made from beef and other types of game meat.  They also offer salmon and shrimp burgers which should please vegetarians.  You have the option to build your own burger by choosing the type of protein, seasonings, toppings and bread. There are lots of ways to get creative here with really fresh ingredients.


Butcher & The Burger near CTA Brown Line

Books some cooking or butchering classes here!


I started off with this awesome cup of ground beef chili with beans, scallions and cheese.  The flavors were wonderful, the spice was ample without causing me to sweat.  Equally important is that this chili was steaming hot when it hit my table.  I have not had chili this good outside my kitchen in a very long time 🙂  


Chili at Butcher & The Burger

Butcher & The Burger menu

This chili is really fresh and tasty.


Since the chili at Butcher & The Burger is just the right size without making me feel blown up, I decided upon this fabulous “Surf Special” salmon burger which is made with umami spice (ginger, onions, wasabi mayo), avocado and tomato.  It is served on a soft (not soggy) split top bun.  Loved it!


Butcher & The Burger in Lincoln Park

Don’t forget the coleslaw!


This burger is super juicy.  So often when restaurants attempt a seafood burger, they fail by drying out the burger.  Butcher & The Burger wins!  The umami spice blend used here has enough depth of flavor without overpowering the sweet, fresh salmon.  The avocado and the wasabi mayo just kicked up the comfort level of the burger.  I licked my fingers clean 🙂


Seafood at Butcher & The Burger

Loved this Salmon umami burger!


Menu at Butcher & The Burger

Perfect combo of flavors and juice!


I rounded things off with this really delicious coleslaw.  It was creamy without being drowned in mayo.  It was crunchy without being tough.  Truly satisfying.  I usually prefer a vinegar-based coleslaw but Butcher & The Burger’s version is worth having.


Salmon Burger at Butcher & The Burger


In addition to being an eat-in restaurant, it is important to remember that this is a butcher shop.  Adding to the cool factor, Butcher & The Burger offers cooking and butchering classes. So, if you’re looking for a different gift for the carnivore in our life, this place is worth checking out.

Since opening, Butcher & The Burger has received several accolades including honors from Zagat 2014 and 2015.

I am looking forward to more comfort food here.  The house made potato chips look amazing! But, I did manage to exercise a bit of self-control today 😉

Butcher & The Burger is located at 1021 W. Armitage Ave.  It is open 7 days a week starting at 11am.  Click here for more information.   

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Brown or Purple Lines to Butcher & The Burger.  Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive! 

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