Birrieria Zaragoza – Archer Heights, Chicago

Hey!  Has something or someone “got your goat?”  Get it back by chowing down on some awesome goat tacos at Birrieria Zaragoza!

Lore behind goats is that they are often associated with peace and harmony.  When you’re feeling rattled, it is said that “something’s got your goat.”  So, get it back, y’all!


Birrieria Zaragoza in Archer Heights

Get the most savory goat meat here!

Birrieria Zaragoza is an authentic Mexican, family-run spot in

Chicago’s Archer Heights neighborhood.  It is located just 2 blocks north of the Pulaski ‘L’ stop along the CTA Orange Line. So, ditch the car and hop on board for one the most outstanding taco experiences in town!


CTA Orange Line near Birrieria Zaragoza


This place has been on my radar for the last few years.  It has accumulated numerous accolades.  But, you know how it goes…  So many places, so little time 😉

Today I woke up itchin’ to get “my goat on.”  Since, it is “Taco Tuesday,”  I was ready to hit the rails for some tasty oven-roasted goat (“birria”) tacos!

Here’s how my lunch went down:

The menu here is small and focused.  In usual form, I decided to order 3 tacos.  However, my lovely server advised me I was better off ordering the small plate which had a bit more meat. You have the option of ordering the super herbaceous tomato consomme which bumps up the flavor even more.  So, that is exactly what I did.  Just look at it!  This plate hit my table all hot, steamy and smelling like love.  Accompaniments include bowls of cilantro, crispy white onions, chilis, juicy limes and hot sauce.  That’s all you’ll need to regain your inner goat 🙂


Birrieria Zaragoza's taco plate

Happy Taco Tuesday to me!


Let’s talk meat!  The talented folks here know all about how to make and present perfectly flavorful, fall-off-the-bone goat.  It’s been 4 hours since I finished lunch and I am still giddy 🙂 The tomato consomme was totally on point.


Birrieria Zaragoza's goat meat

Steaming hot goat meat in herbaceous tomato consomme hits the spot!


I have written several blog posts about different taco joints in Chicago but the house made tortillas here are the very best in town.  They are thicker and more flavorful than the others I have had.  All the better for soaking up the juices.  Also, the Zaragoza family understands that hot food should be served piping hot when it hits the table.  Thank you!


Birriera Zaragoza's goat taco

This perfect taco made with super flavorful and lean goat meat is a “must-do” when in Chicago!


I washed it all down with this bright and refreshing cold hibiscus tea.  It was the perfect sweet yang to the savory yin of the goat.  You definitely want this or the horchata which is also available.


Birrieria Zaragoza's hibiscus tea

So glad I ordered this refreshing hibiscus tea to go with my goat tacos!


There are a few extras available such as a tripe dish, a quesadilla, mocajete salsa and flan.  I’ll be back for those.


Goat tacos at Birrieria Zaragoza

The house made tortillas here are the best I have had anywhere!


Birrieria Zaragoza in Chicago

The goat-centric menu is legit!

Birrieria Zaragoza's menu

These gentlemen were visiting from California and stopped here after hearing it was the best in town 🙂

Birrieria Zaragoza's dining room

This family-owned spot is tiny but deserving of every accolade it’s received.

This place is so popular that lines form on Pulaski Road on the weekends.  Take out and catering are available.

The latest buzz is that come September a few new menu items such as pozole soup will hit the menu. I cannot wait!

Birrieria Zaragoza is located at 4852 S. Pulaski Road.  Click here for more information.

Looking for another great taco option on the south side?  Check out Del Toro  and Carnitas Uruapan.

In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Orange Line to Birrieria Zaragoza.  Save on gas.  Avoid traffic, parking and road rage. Reduce pollution.  Don’t drink and drive!