Beatrix – River North, Chicago

Happy Monday!  I know many of you still may be grunting your way through the beginning of a new work week but here is some news which I hope will brighten your day.  First of all, temps hit 6o degrees in Chicago today and it’s November 10th!  So, there’s that…at least until Wednesday when Mother Nature plans to slap us all silly with her 20 degree lows and 30 degree highs.  Second, I had lunch today at Beatrix in Chicago’s River North neighborhood and it was wonderful!


Beatrix restaurant in Aloft Hotel


Beatrix is one of the latest ventures from the very successful Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises group.  It has been open for about 1 1/2 years and it is attached to Aloft Hotel at 519 N. Clark St.  


Grand 'L' stop near Beatrix restaurant



Since I had much to do today in the River North area, I decided it was time to hop the CTA Red Line and head on over to Beatrix for lunch. Beatrix is located exactly 2 blocks west of the Grand Avenue ‘L’ stop on the CTA Red Line, so it was the perfect spot.  Here is how my lunch went down:

Since soup is my favorite food, I started with a bowl of the seasonal butternut squash and apple soup with toasted pumpkin seeds. This soup was light and silky without being heavy or too creamy.  It was a perfect combination of savory, sweet and toasty. And, it was so pretty and colorful to look at!  Excellent choice!


Beatrix's butternut squash soup

Butternut squash and apple soup with toasted pumpkin seeds


As the soup did not leave me too full, I had room to order the chili chocolate glazed salmon.  It was served over a lovely smoked almond slaw which was strewn with chilis and radishes.  The dish was accompanied by some tomatillo salsa, a fresh wedge of lime and several small corn tortillas, so I could build my own tiny salmon tacos.  Loved it!  I understand that this salmon dish is a favorite among Beatrix’s customers. So, I chose wisely 🙂  The salmon was expertly cooked.  The chili chocolate glaze was delicious without distracting from the flavor of the salmon itself.  


Beatrix restaurant's seafood items

Chili chocolate glazed salmon


I have to applaud Beatrix’s Chef partners, John Chiakulas, Rita Dever and Susan Weaver for this chili, chocolately, citrusy salmon sensation. Please do NOT take it off of your menu!


Beatrix is also very lucky to have Yasmin Gutierrez as its Pastry Chef.  All of the pastries are made fresh daily on-site.  Ms. Gutierrez also overseas the pastries at Foodlife in Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue.  I sampled the outrageously delicious apricot cookie and I spent more than a few minutes drooling over the other offerings in the pastry case.  I will definitely be back to try some more.


Beatrix restaurant's pastries

Apricot cookies


Beatrix's coffee bar


Beatrix restaurant in Chicago



Beatrix in Chicago


Beatrix is open Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday.  The bar stays open until midnight.  For more information visit


In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA Red Line to Beatrix in River North.   Save gas money.  Avoid traffic and parking.  Reduce pollution.  Don’t drink and drive!