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Weekend Roundup | How I Ate My Way Through Easter in Chicago

Greetings, everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely, long, Easter weekend.  I am not religious in the conventional sense.  Rather, food is part of my “holy trinity” (food, travel, live music).  I decided to take a leisurely, mass-transit turn around my Chicago over the last few days.  I returned to some of my favorite spots which I have not

Batter & Berries – So Nice, I Did It Twice!

Batter & Berries in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood has been on my “to-do” list for a while now.  Last Sunday, I ventured out into the dreary Sunday rain for my virgin visit to this much buzzed about spot on Lincoln Avenue.       Batter & Berries is located 3 blocks west and 1/2 block south of the Diversey ‘L’ stop,

NYC Weekend: Badass Bagels, Succulent Sushi, Big Girl Brunch

Each time I return home to NYC for a visit, I feel giddy.  As soon as my flight touches down at LaGuardia Airport, I exhale deeper.  My smile widens.  My hunger grows.  I become hungry for certain foods and rituals which NYC does better than other cities, including my current home of Chicago.  From bagels to brunch. From the Upper