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Au Cheval – West Loop, Chicago – Best Burger in Chicago? Stay tuned!

Recently, I published a post on this blog proclaiming that the best burgers in Chicago are at Kuma’s Too (and Kuma’s Corner).  Immediately, I was challenged by a few burger lovin’ folks who asked if I had tried the burger at Au Cheval.  When I admitted that Au Cheval was on my “to do” list but I had not tried

Smoque BBQ – Avondale, Chicago

I have never been a huge meat eater.  I am more of a “soft-core carnivore.” However, lately, I have been craving an unusual amount of meat. Perhaps, the universe is trying to prepare me for some sort of upcoming battle. So, I figured I would go with the flow and channel my “inner beast” just in case.  If my words

Pump Room – Gold Coast, Chicago

A person should try to fall in love with as many things as possible.  I am not easily impressed but when I do fall, I fall fast and hard.  Yesterday, I fell in love with an extraordinary meal at Pump Room at Public Hotel in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.  Here is how it happened. About 3 or 4 years ago, the

Kuma’s Too – Lakeview, Chicago

It’s cold and flu season, people!  So, it’s time to strengthen your “internal army” against the nasty viruses that are floating around.  And, if you live in Chicago, you also must rise up to meet Mother Nature’s angry attitude and slap her right back in the face for dealing us some early Arctic temps.  One of the best ways to

Acanto – The Loop, Chicago

I live in a residential yet touristy part of Chicago, the South Loop.  Although I love to venture all around the city to check out the wide array of restaurants in each neighborhood, I am happy to stay closer to home, especially on a really frigid day.  So, last week I hopped on the CTA Green Line over to Acanto for