10 Best Burgers Chicago You Must Have!

After careful research, I give to you my picks for the 10 Best Burgers Chicago has to offer, accessible via mass transit.  Get out, hit the rails and grab these tasty bites!

**Click on the restaurant names for more information and directions.  


10.  Butcher & the Burger


If you are in Lincoln Park and you’re craving some custom-made burgers, I suggest you head to Butcher & the Burger.  This place makes its own spice blends for the burgers, it’s a BYOB and it has a butcher shop.  So, grab some burgers (or breakfast) and do some food shopping for the week.


Start off with a cup of chili!



Best Burgers Chicago Chili at Butcher & The Burger



I loved their salmon burger.  



Best Burgers Chicago Seafood at Butcher & The Burger

Loved this Salmon umami burger!



9.  25 Degrees


While this River North joint serves breakfast, craft beers, and boozy milkshakes, you don’t want to miss the burgers.  They are all pretty tasty but I really dig

the #4 – yellowfin tuna with crispy, red onions and spicy aioli.  Light and lovely!


Best Burgers Chicago 25 Degrees in River North, Chicago

Loved this juicy tuna burger!



Best Burgers Chicago 25 Degrees burgers in Chicago

If you’re going to have the burger, commit to the fries!



8.  Corridor Brewery & Provisions 


Corridor Brewery & Provisions, along Southport Corridor, is a sister-restaurant to DryHop Brewers in Lakeview.  It is a homey, rustic pub serving up great burgers, flatbreads, pizza, salads, and brunch.  The beer selection is wonderful.  



Best Burgers Chicago Corridor Brewery & Provisions beer menu

“Seasons of Darkeness” porter is a luscious brew


I love their wasabi tuna burger with seaweed.



Best Burgers Chicago Best restaurants of 2016 Tuna sandwich at Corridor Brewery & Provisions

Pan seared wasabi tuna sandwich with daikon radish and seaweed salad



7.  Kuma’s, Too (Kuma’s Corner) 

This Lakeview neighborhood spot is serving up heavy-metal themed burgers with beats to match them.  I am very partial to this boldly spiced “Plague Bringer” burger with enough garlic and peppery punch to combat the flu!



Best Burgers Chicago Kuma's burgers



6.  DryHop Brewers 

This Lakeview brewery and kitchen has a great menu which includes this bacon cheeseburger dressed with ancho-chili tomato jam, pickled sweet onions, arugula, and raw-milk cheddar cheese.  



Best Burgers Chicago DryHop Brewers

Looking gorgeous!



5.  The Bad Apple 

Located in the North Center neighborhood, this is one of the absolute best bars in Chicago.  No pretense.  No bullshit.  Just a super chill hangout with an extensive beer list and great burgers.  This “The Fig Is In” burger is not only gorgeous but oh-so tasty!  It’s made with Tyranena Blackhawk porter, fig & bacon relish, goat cheese and smoked onions.  Wowsa!  Oh, yeah!  They have vegan and vegetarian menu options as well.



Best Burgers Chicago The Bad Apple's menu

The Figs Is In burger



4.  Gather   


Chef Ken Carter has got it going on at this super cute and homey Lincoln Square spot which is serving up quality fare, including masterfully crafted veggies and this outstanding burger made with so much love and attention.  Swoon!  Can you say house-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and red pepper aioli?  I just know you can!




Best Burgers Chicago Gather in Chicago

Perfect medium-rare burger with smoked bacon, carmelized onions, white aged cheddar and red pepper aioli



3.  Cochon Volant 

This French-inspired brasserie is located inside The Hyatt Centric hotel in The Loop.  The “Les Cheeseburger Royale” is a thing of beauty.  It’s made with prime, dry-aged beef, crispy bacon, confit onions, American cheese, Dijonnaise and house pickles.  The bun which holds it all together is soft but is more than capable of supporting all the ingredients and juice without falling apart.  A true feat of engineering 🙂  Don’t eat anything before you get this.  It will carry you through the day 🙂



Best Burgers Chicago Cheeseburger at Cochon Volant

I know!



2.  Au Cheval 


This may not come as any real surprise to all of you foodies who have been living above the rocks.  After all, the much-lauded burger in this West Loop diner also won the #1 spot from Food Network this a couple of years ago.  Although labeled a double cheeseburger, it’s really made with 3 thin beef patties and topped with cheddar cheese, maple-glazed bacon and Dijonnaise.  I believe the ingredient that makes Au Cheval’s burger sing are the housemade pickles.  I don’t know what fairy dust was sprinkled on those pickles, but I certainly approve.  




Best Burgers Chicago Au Cheval's burger

Double Cheeseburger is really a triple!



And, coming in at #1 (drumroll, please)…


1.  Acadia


As of 2017, I can say that the best burger in The Windy City belongs to Acadia in Chicago’s South Loop.  This burger won a Michelin award and it was well deserved.  The chef will cook the burger to your liking.  Then, he tops the burger with Gruyere cheese, Mornay Sauce and bread and butter pickles.  Acadia’s burger looks heavier than it actually is.  I think its decadence belies its weight.  



Best Burgers Chicago Acadia

Acadia has Chicago’s best burger!


Best Burgers Chicago Acadia


So, there you have them, the 10 Best Burgers Chicago has accessible via mass transit.  You’re welcome!  Now, hit the rails and go get ’em!


In keeping with the spirit of Feeding Off The Rails, I encourage you to leave your car at home and take the CTA trains and buses to get the the 10 Best Burgers Chicago has to offer. Save on gas. Avoid traffic, road rage and parking.  Reduce pollution. Don’t drink and drive!