Amazing Southern Food in Chicago Can Be Found Here

I am a northerner who currently resides in the Midwest but that doesn’t mean I do not have a deep appreciation for foods from the south.  I am no “damn Yankee!”  In fact, I fell in love with low country cuisine in places like Savannah, Georgia and, in more recent years, I learned how to eat like a southerner in Chicago.  There are quite a few places in “The Windy City” where you can indulge in some traditional dishes, as well as some updated versions of southern classics. Save up your appetite and hit the rails because amazing southern food in Chicago can be found at the following spots: Continue reading

The Unusual Chicago Comfort Foods You Need To Try

When you think of Chicago comfort foods, what comes to mind?  Deep dish pizza?  Chicken Vesuvio?  Burgers?  Mac ‘n cheese?  While those are some of the obvious choices for comfort foods identified with “The Windy City,” I have some more unusual suggestions for you.  All you need to do is Continue reading

7 Best Logan Square Restaurants – How many have you tried?

Logan Square is one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods.  Situated away from overcrowded restaurant destinations such as River North and Lakeview, Logan Square is home to some of the cutest and most delicious spots in Chicago.  Here are the 7 Best Logan Square Restaurants from a Michelin-starred tavern/inn to a beloved pie shop with a garden.  How many have you tried?

* Click on the restaurant names for more information and directions




This new addition to the Chicago food scene rightly deserves the first spot on my list of the 7 Best Logan Square Restaurants.  



Best Logan Square Restaurants Best restaurants of 2016 Chicago Dining Roundup Swordfish Giant Chicago

Oh, this swordfish!



The creative dishes like the spicy and earthy swordfish with mint, lime and jalapeño peppers in a lemongrass and coconut broth is what dreams are made of.  I kid you not!  Make your reservations now!



Longman & Eagle



Located directly across the street from the Logan Square ‘L’ stop, along the CTA Blue line, this place has earned a Michelin-star for the last 6 years that it’s been open.  Wow!  Part Midwestern tavern, part overnight inn with 6 available rooms, Longman & Eagle has a top-notch beverage program with great bartenders.  The food is really creative. I love their Outside Bar (OSB) where interesting, house made donuts are being churned out to hungry patrons on the weekends.



Best Logan Square Restaurants Longman & Eagle Logan Square

Wonderful Old Fashioned and cheese plate

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9 Best Chicago Burgers You Must Have!

After careful research, I give to you my picks for the 9 Best Chicago Burgers, accessible via mass transit.  Get out, hit the rails and grab these tasty bites !

**Click on the restaurant names for more information and directions.  


9.  Butcher & the Burger


If you are in Lincoln Park and you’re craving some custom-made burgers, I suggest you head to Butcher & the Burger.  This place makes its own spice blends for the burgers, it’s a BYOB and it has a butcher shop.  So, grab some burgers (or breakfast) and do some food shopping for the week.


Start off with a cup of chili!



Best Chicago Burgers Chili at Butcher & The Burger



I loved their salmon burger.  



Best Chicago Burgers Seafood at Butcher & The Burger

Loved this Salmon umami burger!



8.  25 Degrees


While this River North joint serves breakfast, craft beers and boozy milkshakes, you don’t want to miss the burgers.  They are all pretty tasty but I really dig the #4 – yellowfin tuna with crispy, red onions and spicy aioli.  Light and lovely!



Best Chicago Burgers 25 Degrees in River North, Chicago

Loved this juicy tuna burger!



Best Chicago Burgers 25 Degrees burgers in Chicago

If you’re going to have the burger, commit to the fries!



7.  Corridor Brewery & Provisions 


Corridor Brewery & Provisions, along Southport Corridor, is a sister-restaurant to DryHop Brewers in Lakeview.  It is a homey, rustic pub serving up great burgers, flatbreads, pizza, salads and brunch.  The beer selection is wonderful.  



Best Chicago Burgers Corridor Brewery & Provisions beer menu

“Seasons of Darkeness” porter is a luscious brew


I love their wasabi tuna burger with seaweed.



Best Chicago Burgers Best restaurants of 2016 Tuna sandwich at Corridor Brewery & Provisions

Pan seared wasabi tuna sandwich with daikon radish and seaweed salad



6.  Kuma’s, Too (Kuma’s Corner) 

This Lakeview neighborhood spot is serving up heavy-metal themed burgers with beats to match them.  I am very partial to this boldly spiced “Plague Bringer” burger with enough garlic and peppery punch to combat the flu!



Best Chicago Burgers Kuma's burgers

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Sensational Chicago Bakeries That Will Make You Drool

I roll my eyes when people say “It’s baking season” because every season is baking season, if you like baked goods.  Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savory bites, I give you my list of the best Chicago bakeries that will make you drool, regardless of whether it is Continue reading