Chicago Dining Roundup – Evanston to Bridgeport

Hey, Everyone!  During the last 3 weeks, I have covered a lot of territory on the Chicago dining scene from the north side to the south side in 14 different neighborhoods.  I have gotten cozy in some adorable coffeehouses, celebrated Taco Tuesday, stuffed my face full of some decadent desserts and I stopped in at the latest giant among Chicago’s restaurants.  Whether you live in Chicago or you are planning a visit here, below is my recent guide on how to reach my latest recommendations using the local trains and buses.  No car necessary.  Save the planet!



Evanston is one of the suburbs which is closest to the city of Chicago. It is not only home to Northwestern University, it is a Continue reading

16 Best Chicago Tacos Accessible Via Mass Transit

Hola, mi gente!   After careful research, I give to you my picks for the “16 Best Chicago Tacos Accessible Via Mass Transit.”  That’s a lot of hot sauce and napkins, folks!  It was my pleasure.  Enjoy!


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[Editors Note:  This post was originally published on October 27, 2015 and it was entitled “Chicago’s 11 Best Tacos Accessible Via Mass Transit.”  This update as of November 30, 2016, includes 5 additional taco recommendations which brings the total to 16 and those are highlighted in RED].



Carnitas Uruapan  



Carnitas is the specialty here and it’s the best in Chicago.  Get it by the taco or by the pound. Don’t forget the chicharrones! 



Best Chicago Tacos Carnitas Uruapan specialsValue Meal for $6.50 is a great way to go!

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19 Best Chicago Italian Restaurants Accessible Via Mass Transit

Buon giorno, mi amici!  After careful research, I give to you my picks for “19 Best Chicago Italian Restaurants Accessible Via Mass Transit”  .  What are you waiting for?  Mangia!


**** [EDITOR’S NOTE:  This post was originally published on October 29, 2015.  This update includes seven(7) additional, delicious Italian restaurants in Chicago!  They are highlighted within the text in RED.]


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The Gold Coast



Nico OsteriaThis Italian seafood-centric restaurant is located inside the Thompson Chicago Hotel.  People adore the brunch, lunch and dinner here.  I love swordfish and this grilled swordfish ‘nduja did not disappoint.




Best Chicago Italian Restaurants Nico Osteria



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30 Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots

I take my coffee very seriously.  I will gladly go out of my way, 30 minutes or more, for expertly roasted beans and a properly prepared cup of java.  Just as important, is finding really cool coffeehouses and shops where I can settle in, escape and enjoy my caffeine.  Groovy tunes are definitely a bonus.  After careful research, I give to you, my lovely readers, the 30 Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots, by CTA ‘L’ line:


**** [EDITOR’S NOTE:  This post was originally published on March 14, 2016 and updated on September 29, 2016.  This latest update includes six(6) more awesome coffee spots!  They are highlighted within the text in RED.]




CTA Brown Line:



Heritage Bicycles (2959 N. Lincoln Ave.) –  Lakeview – You don’t have to be in the market for a locally made bike or related gear to appreciate this retro, cute-as-a-button coffee shop.  Grab a decadent pastry or chocolate bar and top off your coffee with various types of milk stored in an old stove up front.  Great music always fills the space here.  So bring your laptop and get some work done.  – 5 blocks west and 1/2  block south of Diversey ‘L’ stop.




Coolest Chicago Coffee Spots Heritage Bicycles in Lakeview



Eva’s Café (1447 N. Sedgwick St.) – Old Town – This is THE COZIEST and most comfortable coffeehouse in Chicago.   Continue reading

These 8 Chicago Neighborhoods Offer Amazing Eats

The very best way to get to know any city is to venture outside of the downtown area or city center and check out as many cool neighborhoods as possible.  If you love great food and drink, then you definitely want to explore the many wonderful spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and snacks.  Chicago neighborhoods have no shortage of fantastic places to indulge your taste buds and I have pulled together another roundup of my tasty travels in “The Windy City.” Let’s get started!  Continue reading